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Another Apple event, still no new black MacBook

I want a black MacBook, you want a black MacBook, we all want black MacBooks, so where is our black MacBook? We got a lot of cool things at yesterday's special event, including an über iMac, a more powerful yet less expensive Mac mini, and of course the new version of OS X you definitely i...

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Daily iPhone App: Blendoku has you lining up colors to match

Blendoku is based on a crazy idea, made even crazier by the fact that it works. I am just plain terrible at colors. When I was working retail, I spent an entire day learning to lay out merchandise according to color. I was so bad at it, the trainer sent me right back to customer service. That's ...

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Daily iPhone App: Light Byte provides frenetic color-matching fun

Light Byte is one of the most invention takes on "falling block" games I've seen in a while. In fact, there are a few genres mixed in here, including Snood's kind of color matching gameplay, as well as some excellent combo action. The game starts out with blocks slowly falling toward you on the...

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Daily iPhone App: Beatstream

Beatstream is the latest app from the folks at Smule (who recently acquired Khush, another music-loving developer, and I can kind of see their influence here as well). Usually, Smule's apps are based around creation of music, but Beatstream is a little more targeted towards listening to your mu...

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TUAW's Daily App: Liqua Pop

EA's latest game on the App Store is called Liqua Pop. It's an original puzzle game that has you popping liquid bubbles of the same color in order to send a little toad on the side of the screen to the top. The presentation in this one is very well done -- the music is cool and clear, and the g...

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TUAW's Daily App: Virus Strike

Virus Strike is an intriguing little puzzle game that presents a mix between Dr. Mario and line-drawing games. The idea is that you have little viruses made of various colors dropping down onto the screen, and you can draw a little path on the screen for them to fall down into. Every once in a while...

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Remote Pallette lets you paint on your iPad with colors from your iPhone

The story a while back about connecting an iPhone to an iPad for a game of darts was pretty interesting, and here's another one in that vein: a new app called Remote Palette is universal for both devices, and will let you "paint" on the iPad, while controlling the colors used with the iPhone. "Dip" ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Battle for Wesnoth

Just the other day I mentioned Battle for Wesnoth in this very space, and then right after that, the game releases its 5th major update. If you like turn-based strategy games, this one is a must-have. It was originally an open source title, and fans have added so much to the game that there are n...

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TUAW's Daily App: BeSpeak

Our friends at luxury blog Luxist have discovered an app that's perfect for my lack of fashion sense. Given some basic information about how you look (eye/hair color, height, and body shape), it will give tips for men's fashion. It doesn't just tell you what colors to wear, though; it tells you w...

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Apple introduces new iPod shuffle colors, adds a new $59 2GB model

Along with the new iPod nano, iPod touch and iPod classic updates, Apple today also introduced 3 new colors of the iPod shuffle, a special stainless steel edition, and a 2GB model for $59. The new colors are green, pink and blue, and are available for both the 2GB and 4GB models. Also, there...

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Rob Janoff and how he made the Apple logo

ZLOK has re-posted an article (originally meant for the defunct Sync Magazine) about Rob Janoff, a designer who's credited with coming up with the iconic-as-they-come Apple logo. It's actually a really short piece, but he does talk pretty candidly about where he got the idea: by buying a bag of appl...

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Apple settles out MacBook class action lawsuit

Almost a year after those two photogs first tried to bring a class-action suit against Apple for supposedly underperforming colors on MacBook and MacBook Pro LCD screens, our own Mike Rose has been proven right -- Apple has "quietly settled" the suit, and presumably Apple didn't have to pay much: th...

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Colorwared Apple stuff (and a gilded iPhone)

Our good friends at Engadget note that Colorware has now included every single new slice of Apple in their lineup, so if you want a brand new iPod Nano in Cotton Candy, Fusion, Cobalt, or Crush, it's yours, baby. Expect to pay through the nose, though-- just one color is over $200, and mix it up any...

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New iPod Shuffle lineup comes in colors (again)

Among all the updates to the iPod lineup today, this one might have gotten lost in the... well, I'm not gonna say it, but you know what I mean. It would seem that January's iPod Shuffle color choices were so nine months ago; the new Shuffles are stumbling in with a somewhat more subdued, 'pro' pale...

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Hue and cry over color-constrained MacBook displays

One could allow Fred Greaves and Dave Gatley some latitude for extreme frustration. Both Mac-toting photographers found themselves, along with other MacBook and MacBook Pro owners, dealing with 'sparkly' and 'grainy' color on their laptop screens; as color-sensitive professionals, this rankled. Bein...

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