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Backtrace, the geekiest album you'll hear, hits Billboard comedy charts

I saw James Dempsey speak at AltConf this past June (AltConf runs during WWDC for those who want something a little different). James goes way back in Apple lore to the NeXT days, and for his talk he pulled some code to show how Swift didn't just materialize from thin air, it has its origins in ...

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Stephen Colbert reviews the Kim Kardashian app

Don't look now, but the "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" app has already generated tens of millions of dollars in pure profit and currently occupies the #5 spot on the App Store's list of Top Grossing apps. There's no shortage of opportunities for jokes here, but why not let a master comedian show you...

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Dr. Dre as the voice of Siri

In its largest corporate acquisition to date, Apple has acquired Beats Electronics for US$3 billion. As part of the deal, Beats co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine will join Apple as full time employees. While discussing the deal with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg at yesterday's Code Conference...

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Will Ferrell's parody iPod "Switch" ad is glorious

Will Ferrell's rise to power began in the 1995 as part of the cast of SNL, but he didn't really explode until the 2003 film Old School. Thankfully before his star rose too highly in the sky, he was commissioned to film this hysterical iPod ad for the 2002 Macworld Expo keynote. The video is a p...

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The origins of Samsung's logo.. and its relation to Apple

Given that Apple and Samsung's second California trial is now underway, not to mention that today is April 1, we thought you might enjoy this comical take explaining how Samsung came up with its logo. Apparently Samsung's Apple-inspired design has a long history. via Cult of Mac...

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This is not the iPad Pro [Video]

A few weeks ago, folks were all too quick to claim that the photo above, found on Apple's website, accidentally revealed a heretofore unannounced larger screened iPad Pro. In truth, the photo is nothing more than a MacBook Pro shot at just the right angle. That said, it's only fair that we warn y...

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How fictional Apple fans watch a product keynote [Video]

With so many mediocre Apple spoofs littering the internet -- do we really need another parody of an Apple product-introduction video, white backdrop and all? -- it's nice to finally see a video poking fun at Apple fans with some comic muscle behind it. From the talented folks over at Vooza, check...

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Apple Media Event Drinking Game

Tomorrow, Apple will hold a special media event during which it will likely introduce a slew of new products. From new iPads to OS X Mavericks, there will undoubtedly be a whole lot of new hardware and software to digest. Per usual, just what exactly Apple has in store remains a mystery. Will the fi...

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Conan O'Brien talks with designer of Apple's gold iPhone 5s

In a hilarious take on the slick ads Apple often shows at its keynote events, the folks over at Conan go deep behind the scenes to figure out how Apple came up with the idea for a gold iPhone. As it turns out, we have a stylish fellow named Raffi Jaharian from Miami Beach to thank for all things go...

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Comedy Central's Stand-Up app puts comics on your iPhone

Comedy Central on Thursday released a brand-new iOS app that's sure to leave you laughing. The app is called CC:Stand-up, and as the name implies, it enables users to watch a plethora of great stand-up comics. The CC:Stand-Up app is finally here, giving you free access to Comedy Central's massiv...

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Jon Stewart covers Tim Cook and Apple's tax issue

On The Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart covered, in typically hilarious fashion, Apple's recent trip to Washington D.C. to defend its tax practices. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Indecision Political Humor,The Daily Show on Facebook Funny stuff, per u...

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'iSteve', Funny or Die's satirical biopic of Steve Jobs, is now available online

After delaying the release of iSteve due to the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon this week, the Steve Jobs parody film went live on Funny or Die's website late on Tuesday. With a run time of 78 minutes, iSteve offers what promises to be a uniquely comedic, if not inaccurate, take on the App...

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Funny or Die delays launch of iSteve movie until April 17

Funny or Die has delayed the premiere of iSteve, a movie about the life of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The short film was scheduled to debut on April 15, but the tragic bombing in Boston prompted the comedy website to reschedule the film. According to Funny or Die's website, iSteve is now ex...

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Watch the trailer for Funny or Die's upcoming iSteve biopic

Will Ferrell's comedy website, Funny or Die, is working on a biopic of Steve Jobs starring Justin Long, who played opposite John Hodgman in Apple's popular "Get a Mac" advertising campaign. Titled iSteve, the hour-long film will make its debut on April 15th on the Funny or Die website. To pro...

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Justin Long to play Steve Jobs in Funny or Die biopic parody

For years, actor Justin Long played the Mac to John Hodgman's PC in Apple's US TV advertising. Now Long is starring as Steve Jobs in a biopic parody due from the comedy website Funny or Die on April 15, 2013. Ryan Perez, the writer and director of the upcoming iSteve, said that "in true inter...

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