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Apple bans Brian K. Vaughn's Saga #12 comic book due to graphic sex scenes [Updated]

Update: It turns out this is not true -- the ban came from the book's digital publisher, Comixology, not Apple itself. Comixology has since rescinded the ban. Original Post: I never thought I'd write two stories in one day about Apple attacking the comic book industry over adult content,...

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Marvel unveils iOS comic book subscription service 'Marvel Unlimited'

A few years ago I wrote an article titled Publishers' choice: Will the iPad be the hero or villain of the comic book industry? It was an open letter to comic book publishers urging them to embrace the digital distribution method to ensure comics didn't fall to the same fate as illegal music dow...

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Comixology debuts Submit program, picking up indie comics for their app

Comixology runs the biggest dedicated comic book app on iOS (appropriately called Comics), and today it announced a new program designed to make its comic book marketplace even bigger. Comixology Submit, still in closed beta, will allow independent comic book creators and artists to sell their ...

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Review: 'The Zen of Steve Jobs' graphic novel

I just took ten minutes (hey, it's a comic book) and read Caleb Melby and Jess3's The Zen of Steve Jobs graphic novel and I think anyone who is a fan of comic books or Steve Jobs is going to like it. As I told you in September, the 60-page graphic novel is a re-imagining of Steve Jobs' life during...

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Preview: 4 pages from forthcoming Steve Jobs graphic novel

Forbes has published four pages from the upcoming Zen of Steve Jobs graphic novel. The 60-page book is brought to you by Forbes and the people at JESS3, who specialize in data visualization. The Zen of Steve Jobs is a re-imagining of Steve Jobs' life during the mid-1980s after he left Apple and...

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First panels from Steve Jobs comic book

Just the other day we told you about the upcoming Steve Jobs comic book biography, and now PC World has the first few panels of the work to check out. It looks ... good? It's definitely a more traditional affair, so Steve won't be displaying any latent superpowers or flying around. Instead, a...

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Steve Jobs' comic book bio coming to stores in August

Steve Jobs' official biography comes out next March, but those who don't want to wait that long to read about iSteve can grab a comic book biography from Bluewater Productions. The 32-page comic book Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple highlights the important moments in the life and career of Stev...

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Ihnatko says Apple tablet could play hero to comic books

Speculation based on rumor can be frustrating. But when the rumor is of Apple's fabled tablet, and the speculation is of a new golden age for comics, the 13-year-old kid in me comes alive. Writing for the Chicago Sun-Times, Andy Ihnatko says there are hints that Apple is getting into the digital c...

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