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Comic Life 3 adds new filters and more

Are you a fan of Comic Life? The Mac application has been around for years, giving you the opportunity to put yourself or friends into comic strip-like images complete with halftones and fun titles. For many years, Comic Life came pre-installed on Macs so you could process photos with wild abandon...

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Plasq brings Comic Life to the iPad

Comic Life, the popular Mac application that takes your photos and lets you turn them into a comic book, is now available on the iPad. The iPad version launched late last week and includes several features of its desktop counterpart, including templates, balloon controls and social network inte...

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Comic Life 2 for Mac delivers more thought-balloon fun

From time to time, I'm asked to name my favorite Mac app -- as if such a designation was even possible (I love you all equally, kids, don't worry). If you pushed me and narrowed the question a bit to, "Is there a Mac app that you keep coming back to when you have to create something cool in a very s...

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Plasq ships Comic Life Magiq

It's Magiq day. First announced and demoed at Macworld Expo in January, and eagerly awaited by doodlers everywhere: Plasq's new evolution in the Comic Life product line, Comic Life Magiq, is shipping now. Magiq is not an upgrade to Comic Life, which is still sold separately -- it's a whole new tool,...

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Video: a tour of Skitch

Click To Play Skitch is the latest app from the boys of Plasq, makers of the hugely popular Comic Life. If you've never seen it in action, take a few to check out the simple yet powerful interface....

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The Cocoa Conundrum

When it comes to software on the Mac platform it's a mixed bag. I don't mean like on Windows, where the bag is full of snakes, scorpions, rusty blades, and the occasional bit of peach. Software on the Mac has been in flux for a decade. When Apple bought NeXT, most of us figured Copland was dead in t...

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Comic Life 1.2 review

The good folks over at Nonstopmac (where they talk about Macs nonstop I would assume) have taken a close look at Comic Life, and they like what they see. Give the app 9 out of 10 nonstopmacs, I would say you should check out Comic Life (and plus we have written about it about a million times)....

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