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Apple patent turns video games into comics

This might be the wackiest patent that I've ever seen Apple apply for. The company has recently put in a patent to describe the process of making a digital comic book out of a video game playthrough. The idea here is that you'd play through a segment of a video game (Mass Effect is the one used in ...

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Pocket God comics out now for iPad, coming soon to stores

From iPhone app ... to comic book? That's where Pocket God is apparently headed. The extremely popular iPhone app has "inked" a deal to release a set of comics based on the little islanders. The books will be available on the App Store first, in virtual form, and they will eventually take the form ...

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Comic Zeal 4 for the iPad previewed

We've mentioned Comic Zeal on the site here before -- it's an iPhone app that allows you to read comic book .cbr files on your iPhone. Of course, it's exactly the kind of app that you'd hope to bring itself right on over to the iPad, and that's exactly what developer Bitolithic has done -- they're ...

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View .cbr comics on your iPhone

Of course there's an app for this, but I'd never even considered it. While I do occasionally read .cbr (Comic Book Archive files) on my desktop, the iPhone didn't really occur to me as a portable comic book reading device. But sure enough, there are apps for that. iComic is probably the cheapest, bu...

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