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Free iPad comic tells the story of Operation Ajax

I've been reading a lot of comics on the iPad lately, and while I love my iPad for a lot of reasons, I think reading comics is one of the best reasons to own an iPad. The big, beautiful screen brings comic art to life exquisitely, most apps allow you to zoom in and out of bigger pages at will, ...

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Preview: 4 pages from forthcoming Steve Jobs graphic novel

Forbes has published four pages from the upcoming Zen of Steve Jobs graphic novel. The 60-page book is brought to you by Forbes and the people at JESS3, who specialize in data visualization. The Zen of Steve Jobs is a re-imagining of Steve Jobs' life during the mid-1980s after he left Apple and...

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Chris Ware releases iPad-only comic via McSweeney's app

Chris Ware is an amazing cartoonist out of Chicago, and he's done a lot of work with McSweeney's, the literary journal run by novelist Dave Eggers and his company. Now, Ware has released an iPad-only comic, released inside the McSweeney's app, and co-developed with Spaces of Play, the studio be...

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IDW releasing comics for iBooks

Most of the comic books released on the iPad and iPhone have been inside of special apps (many of which are run by ComiXology, actually), but here's another option. Comic book publisher IDW is set to release some graphic novels and comic books through iBooks, meaning that you can buy them right...

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Publishers' choice: Will the iPad be the hero or villain of the comic book industry?

Music piracy rose to epidemic levels at the beginning of the 2000s (although, according to Wired, those days are now over). There were many causes of this growth in piracy -- high speed internet access, easy-to-use P2P software -- but perhaps the biggest accelerator of music piracy was two-fold...

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Square Enix-produced Imaginary Range comic book out now, free

About a week ago we heard Square Enix would be releasing an interactive comic for iOS, and now it's out and available on the App Store in the US on the same date as the Japanese release. While the early reviews are terrific, with art that's supposed to be really solid and interactive parts keep...

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Square Enix working on two followups to Chaos Rings, Imaginary Range comic

Square Enix has announced three different iOS products in the pipeline for later on this year in both Japan and, eventually, the US. First up, original iOS title Chaos Rings is apparently getting not one but two different followup titles. The first will be called Chaos Rings Omega, and it will ...

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Dark Horse Digital coming to iOS April 27

The wait is finally almost over, Dark Horse Digital will be releasing their iOS app on April 27! I love reading comics on the iPad, the form-factor and experience is perfect. In fact, I prefer it to paper comics. However, while Marvel, DC Comics and some other publishers have been adding more a...

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Comic Zeal 4 for the iPad previewed

We've mentioned Comic Zeal on the site here before -- it's an iPhone app that allows you to read comic book .cbr files on your iPhone. Of course, it's exactly the kind of app that you'd hope to bring itself right on over to the iPad, and that's exactly what developer Bitolithic has done -- they're ...

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Doonesbury covers the tablet release

Cartoonist Garry Trudeau is of course no stranger to the constant expectations and travails of being an Apple fan -- he famously skewered the Newton years and years ago in his comic strip Doonesbury. And with the Appleverse on high alert for what could finally be the "second coming" of a revolution...

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Google creating its own browser based on WebKit

Google is developing a new web browser built from the ground up and based on WebKit, the same rendering engine that Safari uses. The browser, called Chrome, is open-source software built with security, compatibility and speed in mind. Each tab in the browser will be its own separate running proces...

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Rudy Park comic jokes that iPhone, Apple will solve all our problems

It looks like the crew at Insanely Great Tees is on to something with their 'Steve Jobs for president' shirt. My wife and I decided to share the Sunday paper and a cup of coffee this morning (I know, even at 27/26, we're already getting old!), and what does she spot in the comic section? Why, a Ru...

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TUAW makes Joy of Tech cameo

Well color us red: TUAW reader loki capret tipped us off that we've been honored with a cameo appearance in the latest Joy of Tech! The comic (their latest as of this writing) features Apple's keynote command bunker, and you can imagine everything they need to keep track of in such a top secret and ...

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Joy of Tech with marketing advise for Microsoft's 'iPod Killer'

Joy of Tech has put together a rather humorous comic offering some marketing advice to Microsoft to aid their iPod Killer in its quest. Tips include celebrity endorsements, siphoning Gates' fortune and a contest to win a date with *ahem* Miss iPod Killer. My advice? Instead of naming it Argo, why no...

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