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Archie Comics app offers 100 free issues of classic fun

The world of comic books is often thought to just be the domain of dark gritty violence or melodramatic superhero fights, but there's another side of comics.: a fun-loving, thoughtful place we call Riverdale. It's the place where Archie lives. For decades Archie has made children and adults alike ...

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Halftone 2 adds video and sound to an already great app

We've looked at the Halftone comic book creator app in the past, and our reviewers have always liked its many capabilities. A new version, a major update to Halftone 2 (US$1.99) is out today, with many increased capabilities including video export at 720p, sound effects for each panel, new effects a...

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comiXology is being bought by Amazon

comiXology has made waves over the years by providing a high quality digital solution for comic book fans. Its revolutionary Guided View™ mode allow readers to view a comic panel-by-panel on mobile devices that previously weren't suitable for comic books. Even with concerns about censorship on...

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Comixology adds options for subscriptions and bundles (update: Web app only)

Comixology is, as we've discussed here before, basically the premiere app for comic books on Apple's iPad. And now, the app (well, the web app at least) is adding one more feature to its already long list. Starting today, you can subscribe to your favorite comics right inside the app's web stor...

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Turn your photos into a comic book with Halftone 2

We looked at the original Halftone app for iOS a couple of years ago and were impressed. The app has been completely rewritten and is more touch-oriented, supporting vector graphics for smooth insertion of picture elements. Halftone 2, which is iPad-only and was released today, lets you import pi...

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GoComics brings the funny pages to your iPhone

Universal Uclick is the company that holds the licenses for most of the comics in your daily newspaper -- the company was formed when the Universal Press Syndicate joined up with the Uclick media group. They've run a web archive of the company's comics for quite a while now, and today that cont...

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Comixology claims responsibility for banning Saga #12, rescinds ban

Yesterday, we posted about Apple reportedly banning issue 12 of a comic book called Saga, due to a couple of graphic sex scenes included in it. The book's creator, Brian K. Vaughan, had posted that Apple wasn't allowing his book to be sold on the App Store, though it was available through a...

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Marvel offering 700 free digital comics again

Marvel is getting ready to offer over 700 #1 issues again just weeks after it had to halt the giveaway after demand crashed Comixology's servers. To avoid a server overload this time around, Marvel is offering the downloads to users in batches. To get your free 700 #1 issues, follow these steps...

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First chapter of Steve Jobs manga now on sale in Japan

The first chapter of the eponymous Steve Jobs manga is now available in Japan. The comic, penned by award-winning artist Mari Yamazaki, is reportedly the graphic version of Walter Isaacson's official biography Jobs. The story begins with Jobs asking Isaacson to write his biography. Shoppers i...

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Comixology halts digital Marvel giveaway

A day after Comixology and Marvel announced a giveaway of more than 700 Marvel #1 issues for free, Comixology has had to halt the promotion. In a letter posted on the company's blog (and sent to customers via email), CEO David Steinberger said: It's been a whirlwind weekend, and we're fres...

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Marvel unveils iOS comic book subscription service 'Marvel Unlimited'

A few years ago I wrote an article titled Publishers' choice: Will the iPad be the hero or villain of the comic book industry? It was an open letter to comic book publishers urging them to embrace the digital distribution method to ensure comics didn't fall to the same fate as illegal music dow...

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HeroClix TabApp adds DC Comics figures

The HeroClix TabApp is an interesting, if not all that impressive, app for the iPad that uses HeroClix figurines in conjunction with iOS to make a game featuring the superheroes of the HeroClix series. When it first launched earlier this year, the app featured only Marvel heroes. But apparently...

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DC Comics makes deal for Kindle, iBookstore, and Nook

I've written a few times here about Comixology and its strong hold on comics on the iPad, and DC Comics has now signed a deal to put its funny books on three big digital platforms, including Apple's iBookstore. iBooks already had some DC graphic novels available, but this deal is set up to brin...

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Comixology debuts Submit program, picking up indie comics for their app

Comixology runs the biggest dedicated comic book app on iOS (appropriately called Comics), and today it announced a new program designed to make its comic book marketplace even bigger. Comixology Submit, still in closed beta, will allow independent comic book creators and artists to sell their ...

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iBooks gets its first DC Comics title: Batman: Earth One

DC Comics has been publishing titles on the iPad for a while now, both in the official DC Comics app and in the Comixology app (which, as you may know, actually produces the official app anyway). But DC is now finally turning to iBooks to sell comics as well, with an iBooks version of the Batma...

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