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This 1987 Australian Macintosh commercial is like a mini Mad Men

There's a bizarre charm to the mini dramas of Apple's commercials from the 1980s, and this Australian Macintosh clip is no exception. "The Manager" is fifty-seven seconds of corporate melodrama, like a soap opera you might experience on the AMC hit Mad Men. Our hero, known only as Frank, is corn...

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Treasure trove of vintage 80s Apple ads surface on YouTube

Well before we became acquainted with dancing silhouettes and laughed along with the iconic "Get a Mac" ads, Apple's commercials were quintessentially 80s. Thankfully, the YouTube channel EveryAppleAds lives up to its name and over the past week has released a slew of previously forgotten Apple c...

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Clever commercial weighs the benefits of the iPad versus paper

Here's a clever commercial created by Colombian company SiceVENDE. Titled "iPad vs paper," the short clip shows us how a tablet device can help us in almost every way but one. Check out the video below for that one scenario during which an iPad is useless. You'll chuckle when you see it. (For...

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Apple debuts two new iPhone TV ads

Apple continues its app-centric advertisements with two new commercials that feature the iPhone 5. Earlier ads in this campaign were focused on the iPad, so this is a nice change that lets us see some intriguing iPhone apps. You can check out the commercials, "Discover" and "Brilliant," embed...

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New iPad ad debuts at Oscars

The iPad and iPad mini donned their latest and most fashionable apps and made an Oscar appearance in the form on an ad on Sunday night. It's not the first time Apple has made an appearance at the Oscars. Apple's showings at the awards show stretch all the way back 2007, when the first Apple iPh...

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Kindle ad takes on iPad head-on

Amazon's latest Kindle Fire HD commercial takes a swipe at Apple's iPad by claiming the less expensive Fire HD is as good as the iPad. The ad compares the screens on the two devices and points out they both have stunning HD displays. Amazon concludes that the Fire HD is so good that the only pl...

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New iPad mini commercials debut

Apple has released two new TV ads for the iPad mini. Following on the success of the popular "Piano" commercial, "Photos" and "Books" (seen below) both capture the idea that the iPad mini can do everything that its bigger sibling can do, just in a smaller form factor. "Photos" features the vo...

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Samsung reportedly working on new anti-Apple TV ad

Samsung may have lost the first round of its US legal battle with Apple, but that loss is not holding the company back from attacking Apple with its marketing dollars. According to a report from The Verge, the Korean manufacturer is working on another advertisement that makes fun of Apple fans ...

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iPhone owner sues Apple over Siri

Sure, Apple's Siri voice assistant isn't perfect. Sometimes there's network connectivity problems, sometimes background voice interferes and sometimes Siri is just plain wrong. It's for those reasons (and others) that Apple launched the service as a "beta." Despite the beta tag, at least one iPhone...

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Two new iPhone 4S ads highlight everyday Siri usage

Apple has released two new iPhone 4S ads on its YouTube channel, "Rock God" and "Road Trip." If they haven't already started airing, they should be popping up as TV commercials soon. "Rock God" follows the adventures of a teenager who uses Siri to find a guitar, learn how to play chords (very cool...

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Steve Jobs inspires Best Buy's Super Bowl ad

Last year when Best Buy was planning its Super Bowl ad, the retailer's US marketing chief, Drew Panayiotou had a revelation. Instead of getting a music or movie star for the commercial, Panayiotou suggested the company focus on Silicon Valley innovators. According to Bloomberg, he was inspired by S...

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Best Buy touts its Apple store within a store

Best Buy is an authorized Apple reseller, and it wants its customers to know that this holiday shopping season. The retailer's latest ad focuses on a customer who just discovered Best Buy sells all the hottest Apple gifts. The edgy commercial pits the customer who purchased all her gifts from Bes...

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Apple releases "Share the Fun" iPod touch ad

Apple released a new commercial that debuted right before the Thanksgiving holiday break. The ad showcases the iPod touch and all the fun you can have when you share photos, messages and more with your iPod-owning friends. It's obviously targeting younger people who don't have an iPhone and pre...

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Apple launches three new iPhone 4S ads

Apple has kicked its iPhone 4S ad campaign into high gear with three new commercials featuring Siri, the new 8 megapixel camera, and integration with iCloud. All three ads are available on Apple's official YouTube channel, and they're also embedded below for your viewing pleasure. The new iCl...

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First iPhone 4S TV commercial features Siri

The first iPhone 4S ad has aired on TV and very prominently features Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant exclusive to Apple's newest handset. The ad shows several people talking to their iPhones, asking questions, looking up directions, setting up reminders -- all in very natural langu...

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