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What the deceptive Samsung "wall-hugger" ad doesn't tell you

I have to admit that of all of Samsung's TV ads, I kinda like the "wall-hugger" ad seen below. It's funny, and quite realistic if you've ever walked through an airport and seen people desperately seeking a charge before they get on their flights. While watching the ad the other day, I noticed that t...

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Rockstar shares the Grand Theft Auto soundtracks on iTunes and Spotify

Rockstar, the developers of the very popular Grand Theft Auto series, has kindly set up playlists for every one of the series' radio stations, for use in both iTunes and Spotify. The GTA series is well-known for its music, and when Rockstar ported both GTA3 and GTA: Vice City over to iOS, we we...

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Steve Young Football for iPad ads spoof 90s commercials

Apparently there is an iPad game behind these crazy commercials, but we posted them mainly because they're hilarious. The spot above will be familiar to anyone who grew up in the '90s as a spoof of the old Crossfire commercials that took a mechanical board game way too seriously. You'd probably be ...

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Found Footage: Case-mate will freak you out with iPhone case commercials

Case-mate has decided to promote its new iPhone and iPad case-making site (one tip, Case-mate: Don't create an iPhone case site that requires Flash) with some videos, and rather than put together images of how great the cases work or how good they look, the ad people decided to just jump right in...

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AT&T announces expensive rebranding (sigh)

Stung by Verizon ads, and a slew of unhappy customers, AT&T is doing what most companies with image problems do: Fix their problems. Get a new logo. A new color scheme. New ads. "All of our communications across all of these channels is 'Rethink Possible' and this integration of design," Esth...

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BrandIndex: Microsoft's ads effective

BrandIndex is reporting this week that Microsoft's "Laptop Hunter" and similar ads are changing consumer's perceived value of Windows machines. YouGov conducted a survey of 5,000 consumers to measure the "value score" of both Macs and Windows machines. The value score represents a customer's percept...

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New Get a Mac ads after "Laptop Hunters"

Tonight Apple released four new Get a Mac ads that feature the same, and ever so lovable, PC and Mac characters. In the first new ad, "Time Traveler," PC travels into the future to see if PCs still crash. In the ad called "Stacks," PC is shuffling through thousands of photos to find the one he is ...

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New iPhone ads appear, bring joy and good cheer

Last night while watching House, I saw what seemed to be a new iPhone commercial featuring some pretty interesting applications. Despite the fact that I was watching this particular episode on my DVR, I stopped fast-forwarding through the commercials so I could catch the latest Apple showcase of iP...

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New Get a Mac Ads: Bean Counter and V Word

With all of the political mudslinging going around this time of year, Apple has decided to add a different type of mudslinging to the barrage of TV commercials. Tonight, they released two new "Get a Mac" ads: Bean Counter, and V Word. In Bean Counter [direct video link], PC is sitting at a desk, ...

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New get a Mac ad: Off the Air

Tonight, Apple released a new "Get a Mac" ad. "Off the Air" shows PC, Mac, and a Mac Genius. Mac tries to win people over on the fact that the Geniuses will transfer your files from your old PC to your new Mac. A mad PC then announces that his "frustrated" customers don't need to hear about that an...

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New Get a Mac ads: Pep Rally / Group

Apple just released two new "Get a Mac" ads -- Pep Rally and Group. In Pep Rally, PC tries to pep himself up despite the fact that the Mac is the "number one notebook on college campuses." Just when PC finishes his rant, the cheerleader squad starts cheering for Mac. In Group, PC is in a support...

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Pacific Catch offers iPhone Calamari special

If life deals you lemons, make lemonade. If life deals you an iPhone commercial, make calamari. The Pacific Catch restaurant is celebrating the recent Apple iPhone commercial by offering a Pacific Catch Calamari Special at both its locations. No details are on-offer at the Pacific Catch site, but ...

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Zaprudering the iPhone Commercials: Maps

Wow. The things you can learn from Apple commercials. Notice anything about that map icon? It looked mighty familiar to me and as TUAW reader Brian noted in our comments, that's a wee stylized image of 1 Infinite Loop, Apple Headquarters--or at least...kind of. The arrow looks more like it's on Nor...

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TUAW Poll: The new Mac ads

We've all seen the ads by now, so it's time to ask the question: What do you think? Are the "Get a Mac" ads another example of Apple's quirky brilliance, or do the lack of specifics (OS, processor speeds, etc.) leave you wanting? Take our poll below, and check back tomorrow for the results...

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