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Apple releases new iPhone Ad: "Shopper"

Following yesterday's "Concert" iPhone ad, Apple has released another ad called "Shopper." In "Concert," the ad featured a girl who was something of an impulse-buyer. The man in "Shopper" still likes to buy, but he's just got a little more self-control. The ad begins with a man using Safari to...

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Mac AND PC Win

That is to say, John Hodgman as PC and Justin Long as Mac in Apple's Get a Mac campaign have brought home the bacon. The bacon being the Garfield "Bobby" Award for best male performance in a commercial. As always, Apple's main campaign from TBWA/Chiat/Day is generating lots of buzz, both good and b...

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New Apple ads mean spirited?

Seth Stevenson, writing for Slate, makes a good point about the new Apple ads: John Hodgman (the actor portraying the PC) gets all the good lines. He's the funny, likable one. The Mac (played by Justin Long) is kind of annoying and not the least bit funny. Sadly, I don't think Apple counted on Hodg...

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