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Sorry iPad owners, BBM for iOS will be iPhone only

RIM announced earlier this week that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is coming to both iOS and Android as a free download later this summer. While RIM's market share continues to plummet, the number of folks who still use BBM is rather impressive. In a post on BlackBerry's official blog earlier th...

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Viber expands its VoIP service with new OS X app

Viber is a voice-over-internet app that's seen some success on iOS already, but today the company announced a brand-new version for both OS X and Windows. Viber Desktop has all of the features of the iOS app, including free messages and calls to other users, synced contacts and history between t...

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iPad app listens to conversations, suggests topics

MindMeld from Expect Labs is a conversation tool for the iPad that listens to what you are saying and suggests relevant content. The app requires you to login with your Facebook account and find friends with whom you want to talk. You can add some friends and start a voice conversation using th...

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Daily iPhone App: IM+ with Beep

IM+ is one of the top-rated Instant messaging clients in the iOS app store. It has universal device support, and a list of features that'll suit any messaging fan. Shape Services, the company behind IM +, is constantly improving its iOS app. The latest update landed today and includes Beep, a new...

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Daily Mac App: Adium

Instant messaging is an essential part of modern communications. On the Mac, we're blessed with the excellent iChat, but Apple's built-in IM solution doesn't connect to every protocol, so that's when we turn to Adium. Adium is a great long-standing piece of open-source Mac software. The reaso...

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Facebook announces Messenger app for on-the-go contact (Updated)

Facebook has announced Facebook Messenger, a dedicated app for Facebook messaging. It's already possible to send messages and chat within the standard Facebook app for the iPhone, but this new app hopes to streamline the process by putting the focus squarely on the chat interface. Messages can ...

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Screen sharing is caring: Skype 2.8 goes gold

The good folks at Skype have just gone gold with the 2.8 update (link) (previously in beta) of the popular VOIP client for Mac OS X. As TUAW previously noted in the beta release of 2.8, the update brings with it support for screen sharing and Skype Access, the company's pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi service. ...

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Vatican approves iPhone app

The Vatican's Pontifical Council for Social Communications has approved an iPhone app called iBreviary, which is apparently a virtual version of the liturgical book. The app itself was created by an iTalian (and yes, pun intended) priest, and during a trial release in Italy, was downloaded 10,000 ti...

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