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Official Grepolis client coming soon to iOS

I met with the German company Innogames a few years ago at GDC, where the company told me it was eventually planning to bring out some of its browser-based strategy titles to iOS. I haven't heard much from Innogames since, until today: The company has announced that its next mobile title will be...

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Glassdoor: Apple employees love Tim Cook

Glassdoor is a site that allows employees of various corporations to rate how they think their management is doing (while remaining anonymous), and the company has shared some info with TUAW that it says comes out of Apple's campus in Cupertino. The site works kind of like Yelp for employees,...

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From the Apple shareholders' meeting: Approvals, 'new categories' and another campus delay

The Apple shareholders' meeting was held in Cupertino earlier today, and CNBC has a full liveblog of all of the proceedings. There wasn't a lot of hard news out of the meeting, as most of it was taken up with bureaucratic goings-on, including the approval of a certain accounting firm, a few vot...

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Apple R&D spending spiked at the end of 2012

Apple may be on the top of its game lately, but that doesn't mean the company isn't still looking forward. According to the LA Times, the company from Cupertino has jumped up its research and development spending over the last quarter, by a whopping 33 percent. According to the most recent earn...

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Apple releases proxy statement in SEC filing

Apple has revealed the first information about its upcoming 2013 fiscal year in a proxy statement filed to the SEC this week. You can read the entire document on the SEC's website, but we can run you through the major points right here and now. First up, Apple discloses what Tim Cook was pa...

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Nokia announces Here, a new maps service coming to iOS

Apple's already had plenty of maps-related woes, and here comes what might be even more trouble. At an event in San Francisco, Nokia has announced a brand-new maps service called Here, and in addition to releasing across Nokia's usual platforms, the service also has an iOS app that's already be...

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Jason Citron picks up funding with new gaming company Phoenix Guild

Jason Citron was one of the iPhone's first big name developers. He and partner Danielle Cassley created a game called Aurora Feint way back in the early days of the App Store, and while that game didn't do as well as hoped, the duo and their backers eventually catapulted that title into its own...

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Engadget speaks with Twelve South on keeping the company small

Engadget has posted a must-read writeup on one of our favorite companies here at TUAW, Twelve South, the makers of the popular BookBook cases and the PlugBug power accessory for Apple devices. It's long, but it shows how Twelve South is a lesson in focused vision: Making really great high quali...

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The one OMGPOP employee who turned down Zynga

When Zynga announced that it bought OMGPOP, the developer of the newly minted hit Draw Something, a lot of people shared some frustration. Zynga has earned a reputation as a less-than-popular developer out there, and the fear is that Draw Something, which currently has a relatively simple charm...

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Tim Cook defends Senior VP of Retail appointment

Apple announced earlier this week that the former CEO of UK electronics chain Dixons, John Browett, was being appointed to the head of retail in Cupertino, but since then, there's been some rumbling among those interested that Browett might not have been the best man for the job. Dixons hasn't exa...

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Walmart acquires iOS development agency Small Society

There have been quite a few strange acquisitions in the world of iOS development lately, but I think this one takes the cake: Walmart, of all places, has picked up an iOS development house named Small Society, in order to strengthen its customers' experience on Apple's mobile devices. Small Soc...

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Nuance to acquire rival Vlingo

Nuance, the company behind the Dragon apps and a whole slew of other popular software suites, has decided to acquire its rival Vlingo, another voice-to-text software developer. VentureBeat says it's for an undisclosed sum, but even though the two companies have sued and counter-sued over a seri...

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UK has white iPhone now, Netherlands company memo suggests next week

Just in time for Easter, it's finally here -- our friends at Engadget have obtained actual pictures of the official white iPhone 4, which was purportedly sold by a Vodafone UK retailer to a tipster. It's just what you'd expect it to be (like the iPhone 4, but, y'know, white), save for being one...

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Report: Zynga worth $7-9 billion

The Wall Street Journal says that, with its $250 million in new funding, social gaming company Zynga could be worth as much as $7 to 9 billion -- that's "billion" with a B. An astounding number for the company behind the extraordinarily popular Facebook game Farmville. Zynga has a number of interes...

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iPhone-playing girl gets record deal

Remember applegirl002, the Korean girl who sang a song accompanied by her iPhone apps a while back? Turns out she's gone pro -- after 4.2 million views of her clip across the web, a South Korean record label has reportedly inked a deal to record her own songs and make some more professional video...

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