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CNN Money: New York Times gets Tim Cook's earnings wrong

The New York Times ran a report over the weekend that claimed Tim Cook was a million-dollar-a-day CEO. Acording to a follow-up report from CNN Money, that estimate is way off. The CNN report claims the NYT was correct with the CEO's yearly salary of US$900,000, but made a mistake when it incl...

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Bob Iger picks up $55,000 in stock for joining Apple's Board

We mentioned earlier this week that Disney CEO Bob Iger was invited to join up to Apple's Board of Directors, and Fortune reports that as part of his deal, Iger got 142 restricted shares of AAPL, totalling a nice bonus of over $55,000 at current market value. Nice work, if you can get it! We jok...

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Apple compensates customer injured at Beijing store

Apple reportedly compensated a customer injured in a melee outside the Sanlitun Apple Store in Beijing, China. The customer, identified as Ding Wencheng by the Global Times, was reportedly paid a 20,000-yuan ($3,000) settlement by the Apple store for injuries he received in the altercation. Acc...

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Mickey Mouse + Magic Mouse = Mighty Steve

Is it better to have a lot of something good or a little of something great? If Apple CEO Steve Jobs is any indication, it's better to have both. In September, Alpha Steve had an estimated personal net worth of $5.1 billion, enough to end up the 43rd richest person in the U.S. according to Forbes...

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Jobs total compensation a bit more than $1 per year

Steve Jobs' $1 per year salary is famous, but as everybody already knew that's hardly the whole story. According to Forbes, Jobs was the highest-paid CEO in 2006 in terms of "total compensation," taking home approximately $646 million (which is almost double number two on the list)! This was apparen...

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