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Apple says goodbye to design firm that helped develop some Apple products

The New York Times reports that Apple and SurfaceInk have parted ways after the small Silicon Valley developer showed off a tablet design to some potential clients. Apple obviously didn't like one of its partners demonstrating a product that could become a competitive threat, so out the door they we...

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Lenovo says Apple is missing the boat to China

We've heard before that one of Apple's main areas of concern, as of late, is raising its quality in China, but here it is straight from the mouth of a competitor. During a recent dinner, Lenovo's founder allegedly said that his company was lucky that Apple hasn't stepped up in the Far East. "If Appl...

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Evernote's CEO: 5k new users a day, but retention is a problem

Mashable's Ben Parr sat down at CES with Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, which is not only a TUAW favorite, but acts as your "external brain," saving little clips and bits of information both collectible from and accessible by any device you happen to have with you. We love the app, and while it isn't...

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Fighting sockpuppet reviews on the App Store

In this modern age of information, it's easier than ever to see what people think of a product, whether it be a new lawnmower, a console game, or an App Store app. But it's also easier than ever to try and tweak public opinion, and while there are many official avenues that will accept anonymous opi...

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