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Better Business Bureau lists AT&T as having lowest complaint rate among mobile carriers

Here at TUAW, we still hear plenty of complaints about AT&T's service (many of them actually directed at AT&T, but sent to us for some reason). But the Better Business Bureau says we're actually in a good spot -- AT&T apparently has the lowest amount of complaints from major carrier...

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iPhone 4 press conference, by the numbers

Apple dropped a lot of interesting numbers during the press conference this morning, from both their own research and AT&T's data. Steve Jobs also said that three million iPhone 4s have been sold to date, so let's put this into perspective. .55 percent: This is the percentage of iPhone 4 u...

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David Pogue and his 'Take Back the Beep' campaign

David Pogue, who writes on tech for the New York Times had an interesting and thoughtful column yesterday. He's been complaining about the ridiculously long messages the cellular carriers stick on to the end of your voicemail message. He's right, too. But what I hadn't realized was that these incess...

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Christmas gifts Apple could give me

It's the Holiday Season, and over the years I have happily spent a lot of my XMAS money with our favorite fruit named company. My love affair with Apple products goes back to the venerated Apple II. I do have a couple of PC laptops in the house, and of course I can also run Vista on VMWare Fusion, b...

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Apple pushing the MiniStore with iTunes 7

This has been bothering me since I upgraded to iTunes 7, and I finally laid hands on a copy of v6 to confirm: in v7, Apple seems to be pushing the new MiniStore they introduced in v6.0.2, as in: they don't make turning it off nearly as obvious anymore. Maybe they didn't like the fact that they were...

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Help the revolution: submit feedback

This is more of a public service announcement and reminder than anything, inspired by TUAW reader Jer's comment on my .Mac syncing UI silliness post. Jer asked whether we were submitting feedback to Apple concerning gripes like the one I blogged, and the answer is 'most definitely yes.' This brief d...

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My perspective on Unsanity's MacBook Pro "Lost in Transition" post

One of Unsanity's programmers by the name of Rosyna has posted a really interesting commentary on the new MacBook Pros titled Lost in Translation, focusing on some significant issues that need to be addressed. I recommend you check it out, as it raises questions on a number of issues that Steve Jobs...

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