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Tablet component suppliers concerned over iPad's dominance

Tablet component suppliers in Asia are concerned about the lack of competition in the tablet market. The iPad is the dominant player and is driving the growth in the industry. This is great now that the iPad is growing 166% year over year, but it doesn't bode well for the future when iPad sales...

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Suppliers ramp up to support iPad 2 demand

With queues still forming at 4 AM at some Apple stores, and whole countries selling out completely, demand for the iPad 2 is so high that Apple suppliers are ramping up production of its various components. AppleInsider reports that Samsung is hiring 300 new engineers for a semiconductor plan...

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iPad 2 video mirroring to Mac, the cheap and dirty way

Earlier this week, I wrote a lengthy post about how Erica Sadun and I were struggling to find a way to capture video from an iPad 2 on a Mac. Erica wanted to do screencasts, my goal was to have a good way to grab live video from an iPad 2 and broadcast it on TUAW TV Live. We both had a secondar...

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Confirmed: Apple component cable works with iPhone

So first, the iPhone appeared on the Apple Component cable page, and then we heard it didn't run video out, and then it did again, or maybe it didn't. At any rate, we finally have confirmation for you, thanks to punkassjim, that the iPhone will do video out. In fact, he tells us that it will even ...

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Flip4Mac begins beta testing Universal Binary WMV QuickTime components

For Intel Mac users who either love or hate WMV but have to deal with it one way or another, Flip4Mac has just begun beta testing the long-awaited Universal Binary version of their WMV QuickTime components. Announced in their forums today, it is more or less an invite-yourself program, as I had to c...

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