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Daily iPad App: Soundbrush lets you create music with a brush

SoundBrush is a US $1.99 iPad app that lets you create original compositions by swiping your finger across the iPad screen. The description sounded a bit odd, but I had fun playing with SoundBrush and discovering what it could do. You can have a total of 4 instrumental lines -- piano, strings, ...

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Compose with a full orchestra on your iPad or iPhone

Many years ago I built a music synthesizer kit. It was a mass of circuit boards and wires. When I got done, any note I played warbled and quickly went off key. Times have changed, and now, rather amazingly, an iPhone or iPad can be home to a massive orchestra that will do your bidding as you co...

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Flaming Lips create tune for 12 smartphones

This is a little trippy. The band Flaming Lips once released a studio album containing four CDs designed to be played all at the same time. Flaming Lips has upped the ante and uploaded 12 different clips to YouTube, which are all supposed to be played on 12 different smartphones at the same time (o...

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Music for Shuffle features music designed for the iPod shuffle

This is fascinating to me -- musician Matthew Irvine Brown has compiled a set of 18 musical tracks, about an hour of music total, designed to be played in random order on the iPod shuffle. There was a lot of care and thought put into this as he designed the music to be atmospheric pieces. Even when...

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DIY Composition notebook cover for MacBook Air

Have an 11-inch MacBook Air and want to jazz it up with a skinmod that propels you back to your school days? If you responded with an enthusiastic "yes," then you need to check out this composition notebook skin from Beyondthetech. The skin will transform the outer lid of your MacBook Air int...

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