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"Apple is looking old and stale"

In my post-Apple-WWDC-keynote haze, I did what I usually do after a big Apple event: I read anything and everything I could regarding the event. Analysis, rundowns, roundups, and galleries are all fair game, and to my surprise the general consensus -- even from the notoriously pessimistic Wall Str...

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Apple, Chinese environmental group will audit factory for pollution concerns

ComputerWorld notes that Apple and a Chinese environmental group plan to jointly audit one of its factories in China. The audit, which is just a pilot project for the time being, will be completed by the end of April. It will be done at one of the factories that manufacture printed circuit boar...

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iPad more readily available in-store than online

Want to get an iPad as soon as possible without having to wait weeks for it to arrive? According to a ComputerWorld report, your best bet is take a trip to your local Apple Store. The publication surveyed a handful of Apple stores and found that all the stores it called had at least one iPad mo...

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Computerworld releases long version of 1995 Steve Jobs interview

Computerworld has a piece of Apple history that Apple fans should watch. In 1995, a then 40-year-old Steve Jobs sat down with Computerworld's Daniel Morrow for a 75-minute interview. The one-on-one talk was recorded as part of an oral history project organized by the Computerworld Information Tec...

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Apple's latest iMac receives glowing review from Computerworld

Apple's iMac is a popular and speedy desktop all-in-one computer, and Mac aficionados have been in love with them since 1998. The latest edition was introduced on May 3, 2011, with Intel's Sandy Bridge processor and lightning-fast Thunderbolt I/O. Now Computerworld has weighed in with a review ...

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Could Apple be eyeballing CES? Probably not

After news of Apple's decision to pull out of Macworld, many tech writers are wondering if Apple isn't considering participation in the Consumer Electronics Show, typically held around the same time as Macworld, in Las Vegas. Most seem to be asking vague questions about what would happen if Apple de...

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Apple's call to ARM

Computerworld's Seth Weintraub speculates that Apple will choose ARM processors for a rumored upcoming tablet or netbook, versus an Intel processor of the same caliber. He cites several reasons, including the acquisition of PA Semi, cost, size, and power efficiency as evidence of the likelihood that...

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Consumer Reports pans Safari's lack of phishing protection

Consumer Reports, in its annual internet security survey, recommended that Mac users avoid Safari because of its lack of phishing protection. Instead, they recommend users install Firefox 3 or Opera 9.5 as their default browsers, since both will warn users before displaying the contents of sites kn...

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Apple pulls out of proposed Black Hat talk

Though I'm far too dumb to understand what they're talking about, I like the Black Hat hacker guys. Most of the Internet is all "New Vegas" now; all (supposedly) family friendly and glamorous and glitzy. But those guys are back on Fremont Street, gambling with everything they've got and shoulder to ...

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ComputerWorld crowns iPhone as 2nd most innovative product of 2007

ComputerWorld has created another end of the year list: the 25 most innovative products of 2007. An Apple product isn't on the top of the list, that place goes to Google Gears, but the iPhone does clock in at the number 2 spot which isn't too shabby. The biggest innovation, according to CW, is the t...

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Scot Finnie on Mac vs. PC pricing

Here at TUAW, we welcome all those yearning to breathe free of Windows, especially high-profile technology columnists like ComputerWorld's Scot Finnie. Longtime PC writer Finnie made a public switch to the Mac in February after a 3-month trial, and he's not looking back. This week, in an article pos...

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Network World and Computerworld: Mac OS X love in IT/SMB markets

Last week was a good week for Mac press in the IT weekly trades. Over at ComputerWorld, Ryan Fass chimed in with an opinion piece on how OS X is ideal for small business.Meanwhile, John Fontana in Network World had a long article about how IT pros are beginning to "discover Mac platforms that are...

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Computerworld on 15 things Apple should change in Mac OS X

Two of Macworld's top OS gurus - Scot Finnie and Ken Mingis - put their heads together to develop a list of 15 things they feel Apple should consider fixing or changing with the upcoming release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, due sometime in Spring 2007. The interesting thing here is that these editors s...

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