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Apple's US smartphone share climbs to 40.6%

Apple's share of the US smartphone market climbed from July to October of this year, but only by a small margin, according to new data from comScore. The newest report showed a 0.2 percentage point increase for Apple, moving from 40.4 percent to 40.6 percent, and the company remains the top...

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Google Maps for iPhone losing share to Apple Maps app

Despite a launch that was misdirecting drivers, moving Australian towns and otherwise making people quite unhappy, the Apple Maps app appears to be not only getting over its initial issues, but also gaining a tremendous amount of market share -- at the expense of Google Maps. 9to5Mac's Ben...

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For 2012, Apple's website was ranked as the world's 11th most popular. However, that ranking did not take mobile access into account -- just desktop access. Now web analytics firm ComScore has added mobile visitors and viewers to their count, pushing Apple up to the No. 8 spot on the MMX...

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Apple gains more ground in US smartphone share

ComScore is out with its latest look at how Apple and its competitors are faring in the ongoing war for smartphone market share in the US. According to the firm's latest sampling of 300,000 cellular subscribers, Apple's lead doesn't look to be slowing. As of December 2012, Apple holds a 36.3%...

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Survey: iPhones in the hands of 18.5 percent of US smartphone users

Smartphones account for a little over half (53 percent) of all mobile phones in the US, and comScore's latest numbers show that Apple's iPhones now account for 18.5 percent of the smartphones in the hands of American mobile users. That number, from November 2012, is up 1.4 percent from three...

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ComScore: Apple ousts LG as second most popular mobile phone maker

According to research firm ComScore's latest report, Apple has reached the #2 spot on the list of most popular mobile phone makers, taking the slot previously held by LG. iPhone users now account for 17.8% of the U.S. mobile market, while LG tags close behind at 17.6%. Samsung still leads all...

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Apple grabs more online visitors than Walmart this season

A new report from comScore shows that Apple netted more online visitors in the U.S. in November than retail giant Walmart. Apple's sites got more than 79 million unique visitors from the U.S. compared with under 59 million for Walmart. The reason behind these numbers? iTunes downloads, Ad Age...

Continue Reading fifth most-visited retail site on Black Friday

Black Friday was a successful day for online retailers. Customers spent more than US$816 million, a 26 percent increase over Black Friday 2010. Apple was one of the beneficiaries of this rise in online sales. The Cupertino company climbed its way into the top 5 and became the fifth most-visited...

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Discarded iPhones in the US

Horace Dediu of Asymco is good with numbers and his latest work uses this skill to look at discarded iPhones in the US. Dediu takes monthly comScore data and quarterly activation data provided by the wireless carriers to calculate the install base of the iPhone in the US. His number crunching...

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Study: 2/3 of tablet users play games on the device

ComScore has released a new study of the habits of tablet users, and it's interesting to note that like smartphones, tablet devices are more often running games than not. 67% of tablet users report that they're playing games on the devices at least once in the last month, and almost a quarter...

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iPad has 97.2 percent of US tablet Internet traffic

comScore has determined that the iPad now accounts for more US internet traffic than the iPhone for the first time. 46.8 percent of iOS device traffic now comes from iPads, while 42.6 percent comes from iPhones. Want a more impressive figure? How about this: the iPad accounts for 97.2 percent of...

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Study reveals Apple surpasses RIM in US smartphone share

Apple is now the #2 mobile platform in the US with 26.6% market share. Apple rose 1.4 percentage points and inched past RIM which now holds 24.7% of the US market. Similar to Apple, Android also gained market share grabbing another 5.1 percentage points to climb to 38.1% market share. Rim took...

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65 percent of connected apps run iOS in UK

The GSMA released its April Mobile Metrics report, which shows that 65% of devices using connected applications in the UK are powered by iOS; about 30% of devices run Android, and a meager 1% use Symbian. This report measures the number of wireless devices that have internet-connected...

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iOS outreaches Android when iPod touch, iPad are counted in the mix

Some fascinating statistics have been released by comScore based on its MobiLens marketing analytics service, and the numbers show that iOS devices (including the iPad and iPod touch) outreach the Android platform by a whopping 59 percent in the US market. The comScore numbers show a total...

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iPad aids 25 percent increase in online computer sales

In a report released by comScore, a digital reporting firm, online computer hardware sales have increased by 25 percent this holiday season. Handheld computing devices like the iPad drove much of that growth, according the report. This means computer hardware is the faster growing segment of...

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