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This is the best and worst iPhone 6 concept ever

Everyone thinks they know what the next iPhone is going to look like. From supposedly leaked components, alleged case designs, and all manner of speculation from "insiders," there are a seemingly endless number of theories. And then there are the concept artists who dream up impossible designs tha...

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New Apple patent brings insane concept videos one tiny step closer to reality

Back in 2012, a local Fox affiliate ran a news story showing off what they thought was the iPhone 5. In reality, it was a concept video with non-existent features like holographic images and a projection keyboard. The internet laughed and we all went on with our lives. Now, Apple has filed a paten...

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Introducing the iClipboard

I've often wondered if there was a way to make the iPad even more useful. Now I have my answer. OS X + a fashionable metal clip. [Image credit: AndyOnFlickr]...

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Designing a better MagSafe 2 connector

Apple's original MagSafe connector was a simple, but revolutionary new feature for its notebooks. Its T-shaped design also hates being placed in a lap. The straight-out shape makes it difficult to rest a MacBook on a pair of crossed legs without snapping the charger out of place. The second genera...

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Check out this amazing re-imaging of the Apple Store and other news from Jan. 30, 2014

While not news, this is just fantastic. Amber Creative, based out of the UK, developed a crazy, cool, unofficial redesign of Apple's online store. The website is responsive, showcasing the best of Apple's products in a slick packaging that makes the current official site look obsolete. Sebastiano ...

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iPhone 6 concept with wrap-around screen has no basis in reality, but it's still gorgeous

We've seen plenty of unsourced chatter about a future iPhone with an edge-to-edge display, but this video from YouTuber ConceptsiPhone pushes things over the edge -- literally. With a screen that bends a cool 90 degrees at the edge, it's one of the user designs least likely to ever actually claw i...

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Tumblr site imagines popular apps after redesigns for iOS7

Before WWDC, it was fun to imagine what changes iOS 7 had in store for us. That cat is now out of the bag, which leaves us wondering about our favorite apps and how they will look when they get a first coat of iOS 7 paint. For a sneak peek, check out this Tumblr blog that has mockups of several p...

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The Alien Hive team shares tips and concepts from the game's development

Alien Hive arrived on the App Store a little while ago, and I wrote it up as a Daily App a little bit after that. Since then, however, it's stuck in my brain, and I find myself coming back to it again and again. The developer is based overseas and named Appxplore -- they're also the team behind...

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iOS 7 concept video shows intriguing possibilities

With Scott Forstall out of the fray at Apple, having been replaced with Jony Ive, a lot of people are very excited to see what type of UI changes Apple may incorporate into iOS 7. Recently, we reported on a number of rumblings which suggest that development on iOS 7 is running behind schedule. A...

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Anomaly: Warzone Korea coming soon from 11 Bit Studios (and more on their future)

11 Bit Studios is a developer based in Warsaw, Poland that's probably most famous for releasing last year's great Anomaly: Warzone Earth, a sort of reverse tower defense game where you control and support a group of vehicles moving through streets filled with hostile alien towers. The game orig...

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Resizable app icon concept: iOS meets Windows Phone 8

Visual and user interface designer Max Rudberg has cooked up his own take on how a future version of iOS could be updated to offer app icons that can be resized to offer more information and features. Specifically, the video below shows the Settings icon being expanded into a pane that occupies t...

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iOS Task Switcher concept explores feature's potential

The Verge forums user Sentry posted the concept art you see above for the (underutilized) iOS task switcher, and I think it's awesome. Sentry's vision adds a lot of worthwhile information to the multitask bar without sacrificing the clear layout. The app thumbnails are great, but I really lik...

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Compelling idea for moving files from Mac to iPhone

We've all faced the difficulty of moving a file from our Mac to our iPhone. There's iCloud, Dropbox and a host of other services to help us tranfer these files, but there are no solutions as elegant as the concept devised by interaction designer Ishac Bertran. His idea for proximity-aware devic...

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AT&T concept store uses iPads, iPhones for checkout

An AT&T concept store opening this weekend in the Chicago suburb of Arlington Heights aims to "differentiate the AT&T experience," according to AT&T retail president Paul Roth. Roth told AllThingsD that AT&T needs to do more to lure the shopper into its stores now that most mobi...

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Apple's Knowledge Navigator, Siri and the iPhone 4S

Back in 1987, Apple produced a concept video describing a product known as Knowledge Navigator. Knowledge Navigator is a computer app with bow-tied personal assistant that would let you interact with your device using your voice and natural language. You can check messages, find appointments...

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