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Tag: concepts

Begun, the iPhone 7 renders have

The iPhone 6 Plus is just finally getting settled into my pocket -- my front pocket, not my back pocket because I'm not 13 years old and I take care of my devices like an adult so they don't bend -- but there are already some that are looking forward to the iPhone 7. One of those people is Jimm...

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Do you want widgets in iOS?

Of all the differences between iOS and its competitors, the lack of widget functionality on Apple's mobile OS is one of the decisions that often polarizes user opinions. If widgets were to be introduced to the iPhone and iPad, it's of course unclear how it would potentially look, but Jay Machalani...

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Forget the iPhone 6, I want an iPhone G3

It seems like everyone is making concept art of the unannounced iPhone 6 these days, and they all end up looking pretty much the same. Designer Mike Donovan doesn't seem too interested in that, and he's focused his talents on bringing non-existent iPhones of the past to life. Have you ever wonder...

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Do you really want a thinner iPhone?

The iPhone has always been relatively thin; The thickest any iPhone has ever gotten was the 12.3 mm heft of the iPhone 3G/3Gs. The iPhone 5 is of course much thinner than that, measuring just 7.6 mm in depth. Apple has kind of made it their "thing" to produce new versions of its mobile devices th...

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The best (and worst) iWatch concepts

Apple might possibly launch a wrist-wearable smart device this year that could maybe be fitness and health focused, but that's about as much as anyone cares to guess at this point. The almost complete lack of verifiable information regarding the device -- which has been unanimously tagged the "iWa...

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These Ray-Ban solar shades can charge your iPhone 5

If you're outside on a sunny day, there's a good chance that you're both wearing sunglasses and you're nowhere near your iPhone charger. Design student Sayalee Kaluskar has combined these two common occurrences into a product capable of shielding your eyes from the sun and charging your iPhone as ...

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Tumblr site imagines popular apps after redesigns for iOS7

Before WWDC, it was fun to imagine what changes iOS 7 had in store for us. That cat is now out of the bag, which leaves us wondering about our favorite apps and how they will look when they get a first coat of iOS 7 paint. For a sneak peek, check out this Tumblr blog that has mockups of several p...

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How to make an iPhone game

The folks at Gogogic asked Twitter if they wanted to see how the company's iPhone games were made, and since the answer was in the affirmative, we all get the benefit of looking into just how one iPhone developer put their game together. It starts with a wiki; the company keeps a collaborative site...

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