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Dan Deacon takes over your smartphone with clever app

Now this is terrific. Dan Deacon, a musician currently on tour, has an app for iPhone (and Android) that allows him to take over the screens in an audience and display colors or make sounds. The audience becomes more of a part of the show, even part of the instrumentation. What a lovely idea!...

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Watch Fink & The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in HD on your iPad

Just last night I discovered a real musical treat for the iPad. On April 29th 2012, the fantastic British singer/songwriter, Fink, performed a set with the incredible Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra at the prestigious Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Conducted by Ivan Meylemans and arranged by Jules B...

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Apple II owners assemble for concert

Apple II owners and enthusiasts in the greater Los Angeles area must clear their calendar this Saturday night. The folks from the Machine Project are trying to organize an evening concert featuring the iconic Apple II. Starting at 8 PM PT on June 25, a 16-step sequencer developed by Jason Tor...

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Rock out in the iPad concert theater

Gary Katz has a talent for making things out of shoe boxes. We told you about his miniature iPhone movie theater back in February, but now he's moved onto bigger and better things. Using a shoe box, some concert photographs he found using Google Images, and glue, Katz has created an iPad concer...

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iPad as concert camera is kind of crazy

Concert shots from a mobile device are enjoyable to take and so much fun to look at when the event is over. Those grainy pictures seem to capture the excitement of the moment, and you can't help but look cool when thrusting your mobile device in the air to snag an impromptu shot. That is unless y...

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Found Footage: Christmas songs played by an iPad band

Not quite in the holiday mood yet? Here's just the thing to get your chestnuts roasting -- on the next page you can watch a video of the North Point Community Church band (a megachurch in Alpharetta, GA) performing some Christmas carols on iPhones and iPads. I heard "Carol of the Bells," "Rocking A...

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Plastikman releases SYNK, an app for his tour

Earlier we were hearing that Apple might get involved in location-based ad-hoc social networking, and now it looks like Plastikman might beat them to the punch. That's the DJ, not the superhero -- he's released an iPhone app that's designed to be used at his concerts this summer, giving you some pe...

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The iConcertCal app gets you to the show

iConcertCal is a new app for the iPhone that lets you track where and when all your favorite musicians are performing. Using some of the new features in the APIs of iPhone OS 3.0, it reads all the artists in the iTunes library of your iPhone, uses the built in GPS to find your location and then di...

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I'm normally not a huge fan of iTunes plugins– I was scarred on the whole idea of media player plugins back in my Windows days, but iConcertCal might just get me to re-evaluate that opinion. The free plugin scans the artists in your music library and presents you with a calendar of upcoming co...

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Widget Watch: OnTour - know when your favorite iTunes artists are in town

OnTour is a Dashboard widget that scans your iTunes library and offers concert notifications when the artists you actually listen to are coming to a venue near you. The widget uses OnTour.net to collaborate all this information, and links are provided to buy tickets, as well as to the iTS in case yo...

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iScorch to the rescue

I lost my lighter to airport security the other day. So I was resigned to being unprepared for the inevitable flame tribute to the bands at the Lyons Folks Festival tonight. That is, until I came across this post at Cult of Mac about the iScorch. I'll just hold up my iPod Video and let this video be...

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