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Google confirms Glass will work with iPhone

Google held an event this week to show off its upcoming "Google Glass" interactive headset/system, and from that meeting came one important note for us iOS fans. Google confirmed that the system will definitely work with Apple's iPhone. The exact details of the relationship aren't clear, but th...

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iHome offers a few Bluetooth solutions and a boombox at CES 2013

iHome is one of the biggest iOS accessory sellers out there, and they always have a huge presence at CES, with a big booth showing off all of the company's latest and greatest wares. Unfortunately, the product lines can often be hard to navigate -- lately, the company has insisted on using a nu...

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AT&T U-Verse iPad app adds more streaming video, more sports

AT&T has updated its U-Verse cable content app for iOS with more content than ever, allowing access to various video content, information like sports scores, and even the ability to share viewing habits over Twitter and Facebook to its users. In addition to all of that new material, the iPh...

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Facebook for iPad out now

TechCrunch and a few other sites are posting that the Facebook iPad app has finally arrived on the App Store. I don't quite see it on the store yet, but the news has apparently dropped according to a schedule run by Facebook itself, so the app should follow soon. The app looks ... about like yo...

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Thunderbolt peripherals announced at NAB this week

Sure, you've got a shiny new MacBook Pro with that top-of-the-line Thunderbolt interface, but odds are that you don't have anything besides a DisplayPort adapter to plug it into yet! Worry not -- the National Association of Broadcasters is meeting in Las Vegas this week, and a few companies the...

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iOS 4.3 spotlight: Personal Hotspot

Perhaps the biggest feature available in the iOS 4.3 update today is the Personal Hotspot -- Verizon iPhone users have had access to the feature before now, but as of iOS 4.3, AT&T users can find the hotspot feature under the Network tab, inside the General Settings app on the iPhone. Note ...

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iPad Wi-Fi issues continue to irritate

This morning, we spotted this write-up on Apple 2.0 about dealing with iPad Wi-Fi issues. Since this is the iPad's number one usability issue -- poor Wi-Fi throughput and lost connections -- users are on the prowl for solutions, even ones that may sound a little offbeat. In this case, one correspon...

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iPad Camera Connection Kit available for order, shipping in late April

Many people making pre-orders or reservations for iPads were concerned when the iPad Camera Connection Kit didn't show up on the Apple site as available for order. Never fear, for the the US$29 kit is now listed on Apple's website as shipping in late April. No explanation was given for the absen...

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Outnumbered presents an interesting twist on iPhone multiplayer

Veiled Games sent word of their new game, Outnumbered [iTunes link], on the iPhone app store, and it seems intriguingly different. It's basically a multiplayer arcade game, which pits two iPhones or iPod touches against each other via Bluetooth. One player takes over the role of the O.N.E., a sing...

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TUAW Tip: Fixing syncing between iPhone and iPhoto '08

This is a pretty selfish tip, because this issue has happened to me personally a few different times, and despite my many searches around the 'net, I've never found a quick, simple solution. So here you go: my suffering can be your gain. Basically, iPhoto '08 and the iPhone don't always play nice ...

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Dashcode Developer Beta Released

Apple has released to developers (and all ADC members) a beta of the upcoming Dashcode widget development environment which will be included in Leopard. Dashcode will allow developers and lay-users to create custom widgets from a set of pre-defined templates such as Photocast, Countdown, and RSS. Th...

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ADC posts third-party game engine details for developers

The Apple Developer Connection has posted an article detailing various game engines and tools for Mac OS X game developers. In the spotlight is GarageGames' Torque Game Engine, OverTheEdge's Unity and Phelios' PTK engine. Perhaps there might be more to the possibilities of the Mac being a gaming sys...

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