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MacTech Match finds consultants and developers

MacTech has rolled out a handy service -- currently in beta -- for anyone looking to hire consultants, experts and developers. We here at TUAW are often asked "where can I find someone to build my app?" or "who can I find local to me that can help me choose a computer for my small business?" MacT...

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MacTech Boot Camps offer fine Apple consultant training at a great price

MacTech has posted its Boot Camp schedule for the rest of the year, including some excellent day-long training sessions for Apple IT professionals and consultants. The company will be in Washington, DC on June 27, then San Diego on August 7, Minneapolis on September 5, and finally Miami, Florida o...

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Friday Favorite: Mac HelpMate

I'll open this Friday Favorite with a caveat -- Mac HelpMate is not an app that just anyone is going to want to license. However, if you're a Mac consultant and/or do system support for many Mac users, this is an application you should consider. Mac HelpMate is the brainchild of Dean Shavit, an A...

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An Introduction to Apple Certification

I spent three days in a class last week learning about Leopard. It probably sounds a little strange that a guy who works day in and day out on "nothin' but Macs" would be taking a class to learn more about the Mac operating system, but I did it for a reason - I am an Apple Certified Technical Coordi...

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Guide to becoming a Certified Mac Professional

If your love of Apple's products is evolving into a desire to work for or with them to some degree, informit.com has a nice roundup of the various Apple certifications one can earn, ranging from consulting, system administration and even getting trained to train. The individual articles provide nice...

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