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Best Buy to simplify return policy: 30 days, all products (including iPad)

This past weekend, while noting the $50 discount on iPads at Best Buy now in force, I happened to mention the retailer's return policy for tablets (and desktop/laptop computers, as well): 14 days from purchase for a refund. That's aligned with Apple's retail rules, which also allow two weeks to ch...

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iOS app Viggle trying to turn second screen TV watching into cold, hard cash

I've posted about the "second screen" idea before -- there is a growing trend among iOS and other mobile device users to both watch television or play games, and have their tablets or iPhones open and running apps related to that TV or gaming content, essentially using two screens at the same time...

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Retrevo Study: Shoppers seek tablets on Black Friday

The latest consumer study from Retrevo has tablet computers sitting atop the list of items people will seek out on Black Friday, with the iPad at the top. The Kindle Fire is also a target, as are HDTVs, laptops, the iPhone and other smartphones. We've already seen that the iPad is supposed to b...

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Survey shows Steve Jobs' absence not deterring Apple's customers

A ChangeWave survey suggests Steve Jobs' resignation as CEO of Apple will have little impact on the future sales of Apple hardware. Between September 6 and 12, ChangeWave surveyed 2,297 respondents and found that only 4% of people would be less likely to buy Apple products now that Jobs is gone. ...

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iPad brand four times stronger than competing tablets

A new Bernstein Research survey suggests Apple will dominate the tablet market in the same way its iPods dominate the MP3 market. According to the survey, 50% of respondents in the US and the UK prefer the iPad over competing tablets. Surprisingly, even tablets from successful smartphone manufa...

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Nielsen says Android is "most desired" smartphone platform

Nielsen released its early 2011 survey numbers, and the results suggest Android popularity is on the rise and iOS is declining in the US. In this latest consumer survey, Android edges out the iPhone as the most desired smartphone platform. When asking respondents about the next handset they int...

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Shopkick, Best Buy team up to use location-based app for loyalty program

I've been a member of Best Buy's rewards program for a little while now -- as long as I'm spending way too much of my hard-earned money at the big box retailer, I figure I might as well try to get some of it back. And I was pretty impressed with what they've done on their website with the program --...

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Found Footage:'s iPad kickoff at D7 Consulting

A little while ago, I told you that had brought their iPads out here to California in order to give them away to D7 Consulting (originally given away thanks to a post here on TUAW). They also had a video team on site, and they've produced this little video that will show you what D7 is up...

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Consumer survey says iPhone owners more likely to shop online, go snowboarding

This little list of factoids from last fall's Survey of the American Consumer is pretty interesting. It runs down a few of the things that iPhone owners are more likely to do than the average American. Some of them are obvious (iPhone owners are more likely to make calls over the Internet, see their...

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J.D. Power smartphone study ranks iPhone #1 in customer satisfaction

I don't know about you, but when I hear the name "J.D. Power and Associates," I think of customer satisfaction for automobile manufacturers. The company also does customer satisfaction surveys in a number of other industries, and yesterday they released the 2009 Wireless Consumer Smartphone Satis...

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International iPhone users: bringing your iPhone to the States? Your options are limited.

The iPhone seems like it should be the perfect companion for the international traveler. Not only can it make phone calls in pretty much any country, it can also help keep you entertained on long flights. You can even use it to hold your flight itinerary and other important info like hotel and car r...

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Survey: Apple riding high on news of economic woes

A survey by ChangeWave says Apple is looking ahead to record sales for Macs, which smiles in the face of further declines in U.S. consumer spending. The survey polled 4,416 people between August 4 and August 12. If the poll is any indication, Apple will do well in the next three months, with 34 perc...

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Apple wants to improve online shopping

Here's an interesting idea -- MacNN is reporting that Apple is working on new ways to improve online shopping. Apparently the biggest music seller in the US thinks that online shopping can feel "sterile and isolating." Hmm. To counteract the isolation, Apple is reportly considering showing custome...

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Apple to release new in-store brochures, t-shirts

I'm delighted to see ifoAppleStore reporting that Apple will be releasing a new series of brochures and employee t-shirts in their retail stores to advertise the wide range of creative capabilities their Macs and software offer to consumers. The cover of the 12-page brochure (pictured) seems largely...

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Help the revolution: submit feedback

This is more of a public service announcement and reminder than anything, inspired by TUAW reader Jer's comment on my .Mac syncing UI silliness post. Jer asked whether we were submitting feedback to Apple concerning gripes like the one I blogged, and the answer is 'most definitely yes.' This brief d...

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