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iOS app Viggle trying to turn second screen TV watching into cold, hard cash

I've posted about the "second screen" idea before -- there is a growing trend among iOS and other mobile device users to both watch television or play games, and have their tablets or iPhones open and running apps related to that TV or gaming content, essentially using two screens at the same time...

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Mobile apps leaving the web behind in usage

Mobile ad company Flurry has released a new analysis on its official blog stating that customers are making the transition lately from using the mobile web to spending more of their daily time in mobile apps. In the early days of smartphone prominence (and by "early days," we mean about three y...

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TUAW's Daily App: Times for iPad

We posted about Times way back in April of last year. Back then, it was an RSS reader for Mac that organized your feeds into a newspaper-style page, so you could quickly and easily scan and browse a lot of information. Nowadays, of course, the iPad is one of the main devices for consumption of onli...

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Yahoo!: iPad users skew male and middle-aged

Yahoo!'s mobile blog has shared some interesting demographic data about the iPad users they've seen so far. Some of the results are unsurprising. Given that the iPad is still in its youthful days, the users tend to match the typical early adopter profile: male, older, and wealthy enough to afford a...

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Radiohead ditches iTunes to keep album complete

Here's an interesting twist on the iTunes vs. record companies situation. Radiohead (disclaimer: I'm a Radiohead fan) is choosing not to sell their latest album on iTunes not because their record company is pressuring them out of the deal-- their record company is EMI, and they're more than willing ...

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