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Converter app makes measurement swaps a snap

Perhaps one of the staples of most forms of math and science is learning how to convert units of measurement from one form to another: cups to ounces, inches to yards, and of course mastering the nightmarish differences between US and metric measurements. Besides being one of the few things you le...

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Daily iPhone App: Vert, the beautiful conversion utility

There's no shortage of unit conversion apps on the iPhone. Matter of fact, a unit conversion app was the first app I ever downloaded -- and that app has remained on my iPhone since. That is, until I found Vert. Vert is the most beautifully designed unit conversion app I've ever found. I'll let the...

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Makers of PaintCode open CodeAutomat service, for turning SVGs into code

I'm currently working on developing an iOS app in conjunction with a graphic designer, and because my design skills are pretty terrible, we set out to look for a solution to turn the scalable vector graphics (SVGs) he's designed into Objective-C code snippets I can insert directly in the app. T...

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Halfbrick acquires Onan Games, Mandreel cross-platform software

Halfbrick Studios (the makers of popular iOS games like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride) has announced that it has acquired Spain-based studio Onan Games, whose main project is a system called Mandreel that allows developers to send their games cross-platform to places like Android and the Chro...

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Mac 101: Encode media from Automator or the command line in Lion

There's an easy way in OS X 10.7 Lion to convert video or audio from one format to another, using a fixed suite of conversion settings. One approach uses Automator and can be launched from the Finder. The other uses the Terminal application and the afconvert (for audio) or avconvert (for video)...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: HandBrake

Open-source software is a beautiful thing. It's free, community driven, and more often than not, incredibly useful. HandBrake, one of the best video converters around, is a classic example of great open-source software. The Swiss army knife of video converters and a perennial TUAW favorite, H...

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eMac becomes cat bed

This eMac-turned-cat bed is the product of a friend of mine here in LA named Colin Hughes. A little while back, he got a new computer to replace his old (though still working) eMac, and instead of junking it, he decided to clean out the hardware and turn the case into a makeshift kitty pad. He ...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: How can I convert my pdfs to ePub?

Dear Aunt TUAW, With the release of the iPad and as a grad student with a stock pile of PDF's of review books, whats the best, free-est option for converting them into ePub format for the iPad. Kisses & Snuggles, Your nephew Will ...

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Evom beta takes up iSquint's mantle, effortlessly converts video formats

While still in beta, Evom (from The Little App Factory, makers of iPodRip) looks ready to pick up where iSquint left off. It easily and quickly converts videos to formats compatible with iTunes, YouTube, your iPod, and Apple TV. It couldn't be a simpler drag-and-drop operation: drop the video on the...

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First Look: Convertbot

Last October, we posted about another iPhone app -- Weightbot -- written by Mark Jardine and Paul Haddad at Tapbots. Now the company has shipped their second app, an iPhone conversion calculator called Convertbot (iTunes link). Like Weightbot, Convertbot is a classy-looking and extremely functional ...

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Handbrake 0.9 released with speed, quality enhancements and more

Handbrake, the reigning king of effortless DVD conversion software, has received a major update to v0.9.0. New in this version is a "re-envisioned" interface for the Mac OS X version (as well as a completely rebuilt UI for Windows), and picture quality has been improved quite a bit through new effec...

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Roxio to announce Crunch, a new video conversion app

Looks like VisualHub and iSquint are going to have some competition on their hands, as Roxio on Monday will announce Crunch, their own entry into the software video conversion market. With computer-based video leaving the nest for devices like the Apple TV, the iPod and soon the iPhone, tools tha...

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VisualHub - The universal video converter

VisualHub is a feature-packed and 'universal' video converter for Mac OS X from the maker of iSquint. From its website: "VisualHub bridges the gap between numerous complicated video formatting standards, and people that just want to get the job done - just what you would expect from the Mac." It bo...

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Rename Podner

You may remember Apple legal telling the folks who made iPodderX to change their application's name (specifically, to remove the word "iPod") and the resulting contest that produced the new moniker, "Transistr." Well, Apple is at it again. They've told the folks at Splasm Softwar...

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iTunes 6.0.2 does automatic video conversion without Quicktime Pro

Even more newness in that almost 19MB update to iTunes 6.0.2 this week: automatic conversion of your videos to play on your iPod. Now you don't need any third party machinations or a license for Quicktime Pro to convert media for your happy little video playing iPod! The conversion is fairly slow (a...

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