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Evernote Food 2.0 delivers the goodies for foodies

The busy elves at Evernote have a new gift just in time for holiday noshing. It's a major upgrade to Evernote Food, which the company is describing as "Your entire food world in a single app." Evernote Food 2.0 should be hitting the App Store right about now, and it's been impressively bulked...

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Bad Piggies gets a ... cookbook

As if our recent exploration of the Angry Birds universe didn't convey the franchise's might, here's another sign. A Bad Piggies cookbook is available. Actually, the hardcover, real-life version of Angry Birds: Bad Piggies' Egg Recipes was out for the holiday season last year, long before the B...

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Win a copy of the iPhone Developer's Cookbook

The very first book I bought for programming the iPhone was none other than Erica Sadun's iPhone Developer's Cookbook. It wasn't the first book of Erica's I had purchased -- years ago I bought her Desktop Video book -- but it was an excellent introduction into the secret world of iPhone development....

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Ratio cookbook becomes an iPhone app

I recently read this terrific article in the New Yorker about cookbooks, and I think one of the reasons I liked it so much is that it hits pretty close to home -- I do like reading and browsing cookbooks, and I don't cook nearly as much as I want to. And I can totally identify with the tension betwe...

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DIY Cookbooks with MacGourmet and TasteBook

Advenio's MacGourmet is a perennial favorite for Mac owners who want to track recipes. TasteBook is the place to grab recipes from various online sites (think FoodNetwork. Epicurious, AllRecipes.com) and create your own cookbooks. Now MacGourmet and TasteBook have partnered to make creating your cus...

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Cookbook progress

Some of you may recall that I served as one of the judges over at My Dream App. The one app that I was most enthused about was Cookbook. It really took the idea of recipe app to the next level, at least the concept did. Cookbook was one of the winners, and it seems that there is now a functioning v...

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My Dream App Winners Announced!

The votes are in folks, and the winners are Atmosphere, Portal, and Cookbook, with Portal beating out Hijack by only 5 votes. It looked like Hijack had Portal beaten, that is before the filtering of fraudulent votes. Fraudulent votes were defined as more than 50 votes for the same application origin...

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