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Tag: cooking

Drop Kitchen Connected Scale drops just in time for your holiday baking

So, you've got to bake a few dozen Christmas cookies for your little girl's robotics club, but you have absolutely no idea how to cook ... or even how to measure ingredients. Never fear -- the Drop Kitchen Connected Scale (US$99.99) and its associated free recipe app are going to turn you into a...

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Flavourit for iPhone is a good-looking, digital recipe book

Flavourrit is a new recipe management app for iPhone that lets you quickly and easily create and store recipes as attractive, interactive cards that are searchable by title, ingredients and up to 46 subcategories. The beautiful app makes it easy to see exactly which ingredients are needed and whe...

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Grillin' iOS-style with Supermechanical's Range thermometers

Grilling time is here! And even it wasn't, you'd probably want Supermechanical's cool Range smart thermometers (US$69.95) at your side to make sure your favorite yummy meat, tasty brew, or sweet candy cooks properly. I grilled up some marinated chicken breasts the other day while I was sipping win...

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Daily App: Cook with Grazia helps you prepare Italian meals with ease

As an Irish gal who grew up in a small Italian neighborhood in Westerly, Rhode Island, I'll never forget the sights and smells of the wonderful Italian food being cooked in my friend's houses. To help recapture some of that authentic Italian cooking, I've been exploring the Cook With Grazia app fr...

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Chef Sleeve Dishwasher Safe iPad Stand a welcome addition to the kitchen

Long-time TUAW readers may remember that spring day a few years ago when I cracked open an egg on my iPad. I wasn't worried -- the iPad was protected by a Chef Sleeve, an ultra-thin splash- and grease-proof reusable bag that keeps cooking goo from sullying your favorite kitchen device. The comp...

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Lifehack: Use a to-do app for cooking inspiration

I'm a pretty keen amateur cook; perhaps unusually so (I have a sparsely updated food blog, Objection: Salad!, if you want to see the gory details). However one aspect of my cookery that is probably utterly typical is running low on inspiration for the daily grind of weekday dinners. I've been t...

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Daily iPad App: Green Kitchen offers healthy recipes in a great-looking app

Green Kitchen was just featured on Apple's best of 2012 list -- it's a really well-designed cooking app with a focus on healthy recipes. It's all based on the Green Kitchen Stories blog, so looking through the content over there will show you what the app is all about: Healthy, interesting food...

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Smartphones find a growing role in the kitchen

This is a trend that has been going on for a while now, but this is the first time I've seen some real, solid numbers on it. Smartphones are playing a bigger and bigger role in kitchens, of all places. Back in the day, I remember most phones being too fragile and too problematic in the UI depar...

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Platter: novel photo-sharing social network for keen cooks

How do you launch a social networking site in this day and age, long after the likes of Facebook and Twitter seized the world? One answer is "micro-social networks": designed with a clear and specific purpose in mind, they can fulfill that purpose better than any of the generalists like Facebook....

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Holiday Gift Guide: iPad apps for the home

Welcome to TUAW's 2011 Holiday Gift Guide! We're here to help you choose the best gifts this holiday season, and once you've received your gifts we'll tell you what apps and accessories we think are best for your new Apple gear. Stay tuned every weekday from now until the end of the year for ou...

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Get (holiday) cooking with the Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus for iPad

If you're an iPad fan and a foodie, chances are that you have more than a few of the great iPad cooking apps. With the holidays coming up, it's also likely you're going to be spending more time in the kitchen than usual. If you like combining your iPad with your culinary skills, I highly recomm...

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Daily iPad App: The Professional Chef

I'm not a professional chef, but I love to cook and serve up 30 plates of food each day. Like many amateur cooks, I struggle with recalling the differences between sauteing and braising and what makes a roux, a roux. That is why I was so excited to see The Professional Chef land on the iPad. Cr...

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Daily Mac App: Paprika Recipe Manager

I've been using Paprika Recipe Manager from Hindsight Labs on my iPad for a couple of months, and I've found it's turned my iPad into an invaluable kitchen tool. The only drawback to the app has been that the iPad's touchscreen keyboard made entering recipes by hand somewhat cumbersome. That wo...

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Gilt Taste looking to introduce cooking app with "motion-activated recipes"

Our friends over at TechCrunch got the scoop on Gilt Taste, a high-end online grocery retailer that doubles as an online magazine. What's intriguing, however, is an iPad app that it's currently developing. The folks behind Gilt Taste are working to perfect "motion-activated recipes" using t...

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Spruce up your cooking with the Original Kitchen iPad Rack

If you've ever used your iPad in the kitchen, you know that the magical and revolutionary device doesn't always match up to the greasy, sticky, steamy reality of the cooking zone. We've proposed a few low-tech solutions to this challenge before, but when we heard about the Original Kitchen iPad Rac...

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