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Radio reporter uses iPhone 4 for all of his work

There's a very cool story over on the MediaShift pages of the PBS website about how a radio reporter has replaced almost all of his bulky radio equipment and with an iPhone 4. Neal Augenstein started working for WTOP in Washington 14 years ago, when just his mobile phone weighed as much as a ...

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Ten crazy iPhone cases

I ended up going with an iSkin Revo for my iPhone as a thin little protective case, but now that I've seen some of these crazy cases, I'm reconsidering just a little bit. Who wouldn't want to encase your iPhone in what appears to be bacon, or try out the tactile iPhone case above (which transmits ...

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Streaming iPhone via bluetooth in the car

When all of those iPhone 3.0 features were first announced, one of the features that stuck out most to me was the incoming A2DP ability -- the new iPhone OS will let you stream out music to a Bluetooth source, like headphones... or your car. And over at Cars.com, the guys got their hands on a Toyota...

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Microsoft: We're not "cool enough" for Mac OS X

If you thought the new Get a Mac ads were spot-on or funny, then you will definitely get a kick out of this. On Microsoft's Photosynth website, they admit something that we've known for years: They're not cool enough to run on Macs. "Unfortunately, we're not cool enough to run on your OS yet. We...

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DIY on how to make your plants Twitter

Engadget hit on this one, and it's technically possible to do it with a Windows PC, but considering that Mac users are greener than most folks, and lovers of both plants and cool tech DIY, we're posting it anyway. Botanicalls, which is a project to help your plants make phone calls, has posted a h...

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Get Desktoptopia for half off

Desktoptopia (not to be confused with Desktopia) is a program that automagically delivers the latest and greatest in wallpaper right to your desktop-- just press go, and the app will drop a new desktop on you as often as you want, from any categories that you want, rated however you want. For people...

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The latest iPhone Twittering, on a map

I have a confession to make: even though I was there at the iPhone launch, I haven't actually purchased an iPhone. Yes, I'm part of that supposedly small (though I think there are quite a few of us) group of Mac fans who have chosen not to shell out $2k over the next few years to own a little piece ...

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Rotate just one PDF page in Preview

Over at MacOSX Hints, a poster has figured out how to rotate a single page in Preview without affecting any other pages in a PDF file. The secret lies in the option key. By holding it down before clicking either Rotate Left or Rotate Right, you limit the rotation to the currently displayed page rath...

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Mac users created, not born?

By this time it is a well-worn cliché that there are 10 kinds of personal computer users: those that get this joke, and those that don't Mac users and PC users. For the most part, we, particularly Mac users, want to see this distinction as personality-driven. We chose Macs because we're creat...

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