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Et tu, Lenovo? The blatant iPhone copying game continues

While Samsung may very well be the iPhone copier emeritus, there are some new kids on the block who are even more blatant and shameless in ripping off anything emanating out of Cupertino. Earlier this summer, we profiled Xiaomi, a consumer electronics company out of China whose products and a...

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LG's new design patent looks awfully familiar

Note: This story mistakenly noted Samsung as the patent filer, not LG. Android phone manufacturers and Apple have a long and rocky relationship when it comes to design patents, which you'll no doubt be aware of if you're even casually interested in the world of smartphones. This week, LG scored a...

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Found Footage: CNN asks Bill Gates about copying Mac OS X

Who's copying who in terms of OS design is quite the topic for a long session of coffee talk, but CNN recently put Mr. Gates on the hot seat by tossing him an on-air zinger. Currently, Bill is on a media blitz to help promote this month's release of Windows Vista. He was on the Daily Show Monday...

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iPod as a catalyst for DMCA reform?

CNET News has a really interesting perspective piece highlighting the video iPod's potential for being a catalyst for DMCA reform, specifically: the (outlandish) portion that makes it illegal to sell or distribute DVD-ripping software. The idea behind the article is that, until now, these measures o...

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