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How to create your own coiled iPhone charging cord

Apple's official iPhone and iPad charging cords are nothing special. Like any straight wires, they have a tendency to tangle in a bag and they don't look particularly neat laying across your desk or nightstand. But there's a way to give your official power cords some added style and functionality ...

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Smart Cord may be the simplest app on the store, it's an on/off switch

Bombarded by CES news? This won't take long to read. The Smart Cord app is basically just one button, designed to control a simple but clever Bluetooth power cord. If you have an outdoor fountain that you like to turn off at night, or anything that needs a remote-controlled on/off switch, Smart...

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SNES controller and N64 console turned into iPad docks

Etsy user Geekunique sent along some links to these great pictures of old school Nintendo gaming units turned into iPad and iPhone docks. Above, you can see a Super Nintendo controller fashioned into a working iPhone 4 dock, and he's also got a Nintendo 64 console (though unfortunately it's the gre...

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CoRD and RDC Menu

Some people complain about things, whilst others go about trying to fix them. Commenters on my last RDC post have pointed out a few things that will make my life easier (one I knew of, the other I did not). First off, Movieboy suggests RDC Menu, a menubar application that lets you open multiple inst...

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