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Jason Citron picks up funding with new gaming company Phoenix Guild

Jason Citron was one of the iPhone's first big name developers. He and partner Danielle Cassley created a game called Aurora Feint way back in the early days of the App Store, and while that game didn't do as well as hoped, the duo and their backers eventually catapulted that title into its own...

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OpenFeint announces PlayTime, real-time multiplayer with voice chat for iOS and Android

Game Center is almost out in consumers' hands, but that hasn't stopped the folks at OpenFeint from pushing forward on their unofficial social network for gamers. PlayTime is a newly-announced feature of the third-party social networking software that will allow players on both iOS and Android to pla...

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Steve Jobs responds on iPhone SDK's new Section 3.3.1

The release of the iPhone 4.0 SDK to developers included, in the accompanying agreement, Apple's new mandate that apps must be written in C/C++/Objective-C. This seems to block the use of alternative development environments for iPhone apps, such as the upcoming Flash CS5. As criticism of this co...

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Rumor: MacBook Pro Intel Arrandale processors in January

Fudzilla is reporting that Intel will release Arrandale-based processors on January 3rd, 2010. Three in fact, branded as "Core i5" and "Core i7," ranging in speed from 2.4GHz to 2.66GHz. There are two Core i5 models. One features 3MB of cache, a 2.4GHz frequency, two cores and four threads plus T...

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Apple applies for trademark on the "Grand Central" Snow Leopard feature

When Apple announced Snow Leopard, they also detailed a new developer service that can be used to full take advantage of the dual cores in newer Intel Macs. The Apple website tells us the following about GrandCentral: Grand Central takes full advantage [of the processor cores] by making all of Mac ...

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TUAW Responds: NTP for the iPhone

TUAW reader Gert S. writes "Are you aware of any NTP application that could set the system time on an iPhone or Touch ? I was browsing through the bin directories and no NTP client was found. I sure could use this util, even on the command line, to ensure my clock is running on time." iPhone develo...

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How To: downgrade to previous iTunes software

Many people running into trouble running the iPhone Utility Client (iPhuc) report that using an earlier version of iTunes' MobileDevices private framework will fix their problem since it would seem that iPhuc was designed to run under iTunes 7.4.2. What can you do? iPhone developer "core" has come u...

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Cook breakfast with your MacBook (just kidding)

[11/09/2011: Source link removed, as the site is no longer online.] Everyone knows that Apple's Intel powered portable lineup gets hot, but this is insane! An enterprising fellow figured out that it would be possible to actually fry an egg on the bottom of his black MacBook. Granted, it probably...

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Hacker installs Core 2 Duo chip in Mac mini, hangs on for the ride

Macenstein has blogged a Mac mini CPU swap, as a poster in a Taiwanese forum has switched out the Core Duo chip for a Core 2 Duo chip, a next-generation CPU from Intel. The brain upgrade has resulted not only in the Mac mini stomping a PowerMac G5 dual 2.5 GHz in an iTunes MP3-AAC conversion test (...

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