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Apple hires Alex Hsieh from Atlas Wearables

Apple has hired Alex Hsieh, formerly of Atlas Wearables. According to Hsieh's Linked profile, he began working for Apple in June, 2014 as a firmware developer. No other details about his current role or assignment are available. Here's a video of the Atlas wearable in action. As MacObserver note...

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Ecamm releases Printopia Pro for corporate users

Ecamm already makes the popular Printopia app; it's a Mac-based solution for printing from iOS devices (and other connected Macs) for those that don't wish to use or purchase specific AirPrint-supported printers. Now the company has released Printopia Pro to tackle the bigger challenges of AirPrin...

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Barclays orders 8,500 iPads for massive corporate rollout

The Channel, part of the UK's Register, reports that Barclays Bank has ordered 8,500 iPads in what is believed to be one of the largest corporate deployments of the device in the UK. Barclays told The Channel that they went with the iPad because of staff demand. Among the apps the bank plans ...

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New iPad owners increasingly interested in business use

A recent research report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) suggests more people are buying the iPad to use at work, according to AllThingsD which had access to the report. A survey of 1000 customers who purchased iPads between December 2011 and April 2012 shows that 21 percent...

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ServiceNow IT firm CEO says company is "wall to wall Apple"

ServiceNow captured the attention of Wall Street following its successful IPO last week. Speaking to CNBC about its IPO, CEO Frank Slootman said the company was "wall-to-wall" Apple. "Our company, we're all Apple, wall to wall," he said. "Not just on the iPhone, also our notebooks, laptops and so ...

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China Telecom launches iPhone promo to boost corporate sales

China Telecom posted disappointing quarterly earnings for Q1 2012 and is turning to the iPhone to help it turn things around. According to Hong Kong's The Standard, the wireless carrier is launching an iPhone promotion to encourage businesses to sign up with China Telecom. Any business that buy...

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What companies often forget to consider when adopting tablets

In the past year, companies have adopted the iPad in large numbers, but, as the Wall Street Journal points out, it's not always an easy process. The article points out five pitfalls that many companies experience when they buy tablets for their employees without any foresight or concrete plans....

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Survey: iPads the choice of 84% of companies buying tablets

Apple's going to need to keep those supplier factories in China running 24/7 just to meet the demand from corporate buyers. A new ChangeWave Research survey of 1,604 corporate buyers shows that not only are about one in five companies planning on purchasing tablets for employees, but of those comp...

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Apple Q1 2012 results liveblog

Today, TUAW liveblogs Apple's first quarter conference call. If you'd like to listen live, point your browser to Apple's dedicated page. I'll be doing live updates as they're discussed, including coverage of the Q&A followup. The liveblog appears in reverse chronological order, with newer updat...

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iPod line experiences major decline year-over-year

Apple has just posted its first quarter fiscal 2012 results. (There is a live conference call to follow). One of the biggest items to pop from the press release is the status of the iPod. Unlike iPhones, iPads, and Macs, all of which experienced terrific gains, the 11-year-old iPod line experienced...

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GE Executive says adoption of Apple products helps recruitment

Last year, GE launched a pilot program that lets its employees choose between a Mac notebook and a PC desktop. The program is not well-known, and only 1,000 employees have chosen a Mac over a PC. This number is expected to rise as more employees become aware of this option, and new employees jo...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Does Siri work well in the office?

Dear Aunt TUAW, I am still debating about updating to an iphone 4s from an iphone 4. As someone overwhelmed at work (corporate life). I was wondering if there has been feedback on how someone has been using the iphone 4s' Siri function on a day to day basis at work to help stay organized? I kno...

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Apple's retail arm aids Japanese employees after earthquake

Earlier today, Kevin Rose published a set of emails he's received that really shine a light on how far Apple has gone to help out those in need during the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake. The account is that of an Apple Store manager somewhere in Tokyo who has been overseeing his store through ...

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Citrix survey finds enterprise iPad enthusiasts are enthusiastic

Citrix, the company behind GoToMyPC and various flavors of virtualization, has released the results of a survey they recently took of iPad users. These weren't just any iPad users, though, but those who are part of the Citrix iPads At Work community, a site with information and forums for people who...

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Brazilian billionaire wants Apple manufacturing contract

AppleInsider reports that Brazilian billionare Eike Batista, who made his $27 billion fortune in the mining industry, is trying to convince Apple to have its products made in Brazil rather than by Foxconn in Shenzhen, China. He is currently constructing the Port of Acu in southern Brazil -- a $1.6 b...

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