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Found Footage: iPhone costume update includes working 40" LCD

In 2007, we saw the first generation iPhone in some comically large costumes (video on the next page). Last year we brought you the footage of Reko and John sporting giant TV screens with jailbroken iPhones powering the costumes. They used "updated" iPhones, but still sported square edges and no ...

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iPad-equipped Quatto costume for Halloween

OK, this is a little weird, and a little gross, but if you're as big a fan of Total Recall as I am, you'll love it. One of the characters in that movie, named Quatto, actually lives in the stomach of another character, and rather than recreate the creepy effect with puppets or makeup, YouTube user ...

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TUAW's Halloween roundup

A look at Halloween posts gone by... The TUAW Halloween costume gallery We asked to see your Apple-themed Halloween costumes, and you delivered. As Mac fans everywhere head off to Halloween parties, it's clear that TUAW readers have created some great outfits. ...

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Found Footage: iPhone costumes are either genius or deeply misguided

There's a part of me that wants to tell these guys to apply their wild, inventive energy to more productive pursuits. And yet... there's another bit of reptile brain that simply sits and watches, in awe. Thanks to John for the tip! [via MacRumors Forums] ...

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Found Footage: Use your iPhone in your Halloween costume

Are you still struggling to find that perfect Halloween costume this year? Here at TUAW headquarters we've seen people dress as iPhones, more iPhones, even more iPhones, iPods, and of course more iPods. If you're looking to use Apple gear for your costume in a way that's a little more unique, che...

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Let's see your Apple-themed Halloween costumes

Leopard isn't the only fun we'll have this weekend. Wednesday is Halloween in the US, and Apple lovers everywhere will spend the next few days constructing their Apple-themed costumes. If you're planning to make one, we want to see it! Will you be "iPod Family," with poppa iPod Touch, Mom iPod Class...

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