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Zen Shopping is a full featured and capable shopping partner

For many, the holidays mean shopping, and that prompts a hunt for deals. Fortunately, you can use apps to keep you fully informed and speed you along on your shopping journey. Zen Shopping (free) is a solid entry in the growing field of shopping apps, and one you will want to take a look at. ...

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Coupons.com now offers Passbook-ready coupons for 20 stores

If you've been looking for more uses for iOS 6's new Passbook app, you're in luck. Online coupon resource Coupons.com has begun offering coupons for 20 retailers that can be added directly to Apple's new digital wallet. To see what's available right now, point Safari at Coupons.com/passbook, ...

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Valpak coupons: When Passbook finally clicked for me

Like any new tech, Passbook took a few stumbles when it was born unto the world. I thought the only card I'd be using was the Starbucks pass, but I soon found frustration that it didn't work yet. Target's generic coupon offering wasn't very enticing, and Walgreen's Balance rewards card, while n...

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Amazon goes local with new iOS app

Amazon already has an extensive suite of iOS apps, everything from the Kindle Reader to the Price Check app that lets you compare local prices to Amazon online prices. That app doesn't make local businesses too happy, but a new app from Amazon should have the opposite effect. Amazon Local, a fr...

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