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Supreme Court refuses to hear Mirror Worlds' appeal to have damages award against Apple reinstated

Back in 2008, a company called Mirror Worlds filed a patent-infringement suit against Apple alleging that a number of OS X features infringed upon one of its patents. The accused features included Cover Flow, Time Machine and OS X's Spotlight search feature. In October 2010, Mirror Worlds won a US$...

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iTunes 101: Wrangle your iTunes LPs with Smart Playlists

Photo courtesy of Jay Robinson Earlier we mentioned how to explore the iTunes LP format and how easy it is to peek inside and check out all of the non-Flash, CSS-based awesomeness. But if you happen to be somewhat less geeky, it's pretty likely that your definition of "exploring" iTun...

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Contactizer 3.6 Gains Leopard Goodness

Objective Decision released a free update to their oddly-named flagship product Contactizer. A powerful, Sync Services-savvy personal information manager (PIM) application, Contactizer 3.6 comes in Pro and Express flavors depending on your needs. I used an earlier version of Contactizer last year...

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Mac 101: see iCal events in Cover Flow

Continuing with yesterdays obsession with Cover Flow, here is something that you might not have known existed in Leopard. You can browse iCal events with Cover Flow right inside a finder window. All you have to do is open Spotlight up by clicking its icon in the top right corner of the screen (or ...

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Cover Flow for a more Fluid browsing experience

Fluid, the site-specific browser we've featured before, has added a sweet new feature: Cover Flow for sites like Google, Digg, Flickr and more. In case you haven't given it a shot yet, Fluid allows you to create mini-browsers that are specific to a site – such as GMail, for example – g...

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24 Hours of Leopard: Cover Flow

Feature: Cover Flow in the Finder. How it works: Just like album Cover Flow in iTunes, Leopard brings the side-scrolling view to the Finder, allowing your "flip" through your files and see live previews (including paging through mutli-page documents and playing movies). Who will use it: Everyone...

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Should Apple have used Cover Flow in iPhoto '08?

TUAW reader o!ivier has posted a mockup to his Flickr account of how he believes the iPhoto '08 Events UI should have been designed. Seeing it as a more natural evolution of what Apple is doing with Mac OS X and their apps (iTunes, Finder in Leopard, etc.), o!ivier believes Apple should have buil...

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Safari, meet Cover Flow

I'm not sure why eye candy gets such a bad reputation-- we all need a little beauty in our lives, and no UI designer should ever argue that a "cool!" factor is a bad thing to have, when you've already hit all the other bases. Cover Flow is a perfect example. When people made their wishlists before i...

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The Big iPhone Zapruder #3: Music, Cover Flow, Video and more

And the exhaustive analysis of Apple's iPhone Guided Tour continues, this time with the third installment and photo gallery covering some of the interesting new features we found in the iPod app. This is of course one of the iPhone's key components, and Apple has really made some great improvements ...

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Hello Tomorrow: The 300+ new features of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard

While Steve Jobs introduced ten major features coming in Mac OS X Leopard at last year's WWDC, the entire list of new features has finally been unveiled. We already knew about some of the enhancements coming in apps like Mail and the all-new Spaces and Time Machine, but Jobs today highlighted som...

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Swap full-screen Cover Flow and video in iTunes

Here comes the community at Mac OS X Hints with yet another cool trick which, in this case, should help us waste just a little more time in iTunes 7.1.1. I specify that latest version because this hint concerns Cover Flow's new found ability to run in full-screen mode: as it turns out, you can com...

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