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Accessory maker Moshi settles patent suit with three firms

The California-based Mac, iPhone and iPad accessory maker Moshi announced yesterday that the company has settled three suits it brought against other vendors. The other companies were allegedly copying Moshi's patented iVisor touchscreen protector, which is designed to be applied bubble-free. Mosh...

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Logitech reveals Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the new iPad

Logitech unveiled a new cover for the iPad that's thin, lightweight and houses a 5-row keyboard. As shown above, it also functions as a stand. The keyboard connects to your iPad via Bluetooth and has a six-month battery life when you use it two hours a day. Just like a Smart Cover, it has a m...

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iFrogz BackBone pairs well with iPad 2 cover

There's a lot to love about the iPad 2's Smart Cover, from the fashionable colors to the multifunctional design to its magnetic personality. Unfortunately, the flappy front piece leaves your iPad's backside unprotected. For those of us who tend to drop our magical and revolutionary (yet not ant...

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Hack adds NFC payment to your iPhone

Apple is rumored to be adding NFC support to the iPhone at some point in the future, but here's a way you can add wireless payments to your iPhone right now. You don't have to solder an NFC chipset, install any applications or even apply a sticker, all you have to do is pop off the back of the ...

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TUAW Tips: Designing covers for the iBookstore

For budding novelists, one of the most exciting things about Apple's iBookstore is the chance to self-publish their writing and have it potentially available to the 100 million people that own iOS 4 devices. A novel is a daunting task, and once the writing is done, the hard part is over ... kinda. T...

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How to: Creating custom iBook covers

Do you find yourself downloading a lot of the free Project Gutenberg public domain books in the iBookstore? Sick of your bookshelf looking like a series of paper bags with text printed on them? Me too, so I decided to create my own covers for all the free books I've downloaded. If you've ever add...

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What will iPad magazine covers look like?

Jesse Rosten, a director in Northern California, asked himself what a magazine cover on the iPad should look like. He came up with the incredibly sweet Sunset Magazine mock up above. Jesse notes that until now, books and magazines have been traditionally portrait in orientation and film and TV ...

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iPhone modded with titanium back

Everyone's saying that the next version of the iPhone will have a case upgrade, but Martin Schrotz couldn't wait -- he encased his iPhone 3GS in titanium, and Engadget has a gallery of pictures of the ubercool mod. I thought he had actually put the titanium cover over the plastic back, but apparent...

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Apple Remote Cases

Macworld's Mobile Mac blog has a post on cases to keep your Apple Remote safe and sound while on the go. First up is Tuneware's rather bright, red and white leather TuneRemote case with detachable clip ($20). You'll be pleased to know that the "TuneRemote is designed to be suitable for both casual a...

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A Mac on the cover of Playboy

These days you can't turn on a TV, open a magazine or walk down the street without spotting an Apple product or at least an ad for one, and now it seems Apple's expanding popularity has even landed the company on the cover of October's Playboy (Zinio link, semi-safe for work). In the quest to leave ...

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Support doc: MacBook may run warm because rear vent is blocked

First Engadget reported it, and now there's an official Apple Support document explaining the issue: some MacBooks (and Pros) are apparently making it out of the factory with a thin piece of clear plastic blocking covering the rear vent. The article states the obvious: that this plastic is used to ...

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Designer "Skulls" iPod holder from Muff

I don't usually post about iPod holders (unless they are DIY, interactive, or just plain silly), but the new designer series from Muff caught my eye. Muff showed up on TUAW back in October, but lacked this designer series. Despite their lack of a window or access to controls, I find them stylish and...

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Star Wars iPod Cover

Proof that when it comes to iPod cases, there's something for everyone. An official Star Wars-themed iPod cover for only $29.95. It's not for me (I think it's ugly), but I know a few Star Wars fans who would buy this. At least you can use the clickwheel though the case (unlike another overpriced cas...

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Skyn laptop covers

In my relentless pursuit for all that is stylish or feminine in the world of tech, I come across some interesting accessories. One such product that I'm not in the market for are Skyns' girly laptop covers. These glorified stickers (described as "durable plastic/adhesive laptop covers") ar...

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Jobs in a suit

I've seen this pic before, but it's getting the traffic over at Digg, so I thought it worth pointing to again. Here's the full-size picture of the cover of the premiere issue of Macworld, featuring Steve Jobs, not in jeans and a turtleneck as a friend to the consumer, but in a suit, trying to sell t...

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