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Coverage is a great app to see where LTE is and where it isn't

As high-speed LTE services roll out across the US, many are wondering when their neighborhood will benefit. The iPhone app Coverage (US$2.99) produces zoomable maps that detail 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE coverage across all four major US cellular providers: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and, for those willin...

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Open Signal Maps offers geographic best-coverage comparison

Getting ready for the new iPhone? Here's a tool that will help. The Open Signal Maps site compares coverage in various cities across the US, UK, Italy, Germany and Spain. Select a country, enter your address or zipcode (do not be put off by the limited "city" pull-down list) and check the signa...

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Coverage? for iOS tells when you can and can't get on the cellular network

Coverage? is an iOS app that tells you where to expect coverage from all the major US carriers. The maps are based on coverage maps from the cell companies, but they are interpreted, updated, and quite a bit more useful. You can see all major US carriers, and overlay them. I initially looked at Cov...

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Verizon finally introduces iPhone to areas with no AT&T coverage

Up until yesterday, mobile phone customers in vast parts of Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, and Nebraska had no way to get an iPhone. Why? There simply wasn't any AT&T coverage in these areas, so the customers -- who were mostly on Verizon -- had no access to the popular smartphone. T...

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Apple is the most-covered tech company

Here's a bit of news that's no shock to us. According to the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism, Apple receives more coverage from the press than any other tech company. The research center recently concluded a year-long study, which found that a full 15.1 percent of all t...

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Best Buy to expand iPad availability, sales cannibalizing laptops by up to 50%

Here's another report of the iPad stealing attention and money away from more traditional computing. Best Buy's CEO Brian Dunn tells the Wall Street Journal that the iPad has "cannibalized" sales of laptops by up to 50%, meaning that customers in the big box retail store have gone for Apple's table...

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AT&T says New York City service is improved

While AT&T's service has been notoriously bad even before the iPhone launch, iPhone users in New York City have suffered some of the worst of it, with one Apple Genius reportedly saying that 30% dropped call rate was average. (I think he misspelled "atrocious.") The good news is that AT&T...

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Analyst: 40% of AT&T customers may head to Verizon if there's a vPhone

If the rumors are true and Verizon does eventually get to carry the iPhone, AT&T's CEO should probably be a little more worried than he is. Analyst Drake Johnstone says that if Verizon does carry Apple's smartphone, 40% of its customers are likely ready to jump ship for another carrier. That's 6...

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Mark the Spot app delivering results for low-coverage iPhone users

Back at the end of 2009 when AT&T introduced its Mark the Spot app, some were skeptical that the location-aware self-reporting tool for coverage issues and dropped calls was anything more than a sop tossed to irked iPhone owners in the interest of better PR for the cell carrier. Still, like ...

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CES goes down to the docks

It's CES time yet again, and that means that everybody and their business partners will be showing off iPhone and iPod touch accessories that do all sorts of crazy things, from the useful to the useless. Here's two interesting docks that Engadget has already seen at the big electronics show. The fi...

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Will AT&T introduce usage-based pricing?

Ralph de la Vega, AT&T head of consumer services, has hinted at usage-based pricing strategies in response to increased consumer data consumption, according to stories on the Huffington Post and Reuters newsfeed. De la Vega spoke at a recent USB investor conference, saying that AT&T was work...

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AT&T offers app so you can report crappy service. Huh?

In one of life's supreme ironies, AT&T today posted an iPhone app that allows you to report substandard service. That's right folks. Got a dropped call? No reception? AT&T Marks the Spot [iTunes link] is designed to get that info to your favorite cell company so they can act on it. Let's ...

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Verizon to AT&T- 'The Truth Hurts'

Verizon isn't fazed by the AT&T legal claims that the Verizon ads attacking poor coverage are false and misleading. Our sister site Engadget broke the story of the Verizon response to the suit and you can read the it here. Verizon isn't pulling any punches and says "AT&T did not file this...

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Whoa! AT&T has had enough of the Verizon slams

AT&T is clearly not going to take it anymore. Today, they blasted back at Verizon for the nasty ads about AT&T coverage. In a press release today, the communications giant pulled out all the stops: "AT&T's wireless data coverage reaches 303 million people – or 97% of the U.S....

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Using Skype to battle cell phone dead zones

Is the cell coverage in your area not up to par? Whether you happen to have steel walls or live where there are no cell phone towers or trees cleverly disguised as cell phone towers, some of us must deal with the reality that, while we own arguably the most innovative gadget in recent years in the i...

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