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Peggle Nights out for Mac, leisure time at risk

Peggle Nights is now out for Mac. The game costs $19.95 (there's a 60-min free trial available if you just want to check it out), and is as addictive as crack cocaine covered in sugar, drizzled with chocolate, and floating in original formula Coca-Cola. It should probably be illegal for PopCap to ...

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Intego: Adobe CS4 crack app has variant of iServices trojan

The folks over at Intego let the world know about a new trojan making the rounds along with copies of an application designed to crack Adobe Creative Suite 4. They consider the risk "serious." If you don't download software using peer-to-peer tools like BitTorrent, then you're perfectly safe. You ca...

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Mac OS X password recoverable from RAM?

In a recent post over at Ars Technica, they say that Mac OS X users could have their login passwords recovered through physically accessing the RAM. This comes after FileVault was proven to be cracked. The article notes that Mac OS X and certain applications store the user's password in memory, leav...

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TUAW reader creates TiVo-to-Go to Mac Tutorial

Over at Zatz Not Funny, faithful TUAW reader Dave has written up a quick-and-dirty TiVo-to-Go to Mac tutorial. For those who have been following closely, TiVoToGo DRM has been cracked, allowing transfer and decryption of .tivo format files to your Mac or Linux desktop. The hack depends on identifyi...

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myTunes brings a GUI to stripping iTMS DRM

These crazy hackers are moving fast these days, but Engadget has stayed in stride by providing a walk-through of myTunes, a GUI front-end to QTFairUse (sadly, Windows only - for now), that python code they mentioned earlier this week (not to be confused with any other products by the name of 'myTune...

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Windows app cracks iTMS v6 DRM

JHymn users might remember that iTunes 6 broke the DRM-stripping tool, and it seems that Apple's done a good job of keeping FairPlay locked down - until someone cooked up QTFairUse6 for Windows. Yes, it's a Windows app, but it can apparently strip purchases from iTMS version 6.0.4 and above of their...

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Apple to iPod nano service providers: Fix cracked screens

Apple has stepped up to the plate regarding cracked screens on iPod nano's. Here at TUAW Jan reported on the screen cracking issues back in September of last year. If you have a 5G iPod and not a nano, hardware failure such as cracked screens should be covered if you are under warranty. Now it seems...

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