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Can you guess what happened to this iPhone?

The internet is filled with photos of destroyed Apple devices, and a simple Google search will display plenty of photos of cracked screens and water damage. But this iPhone, posted on Reddit by user Tstone11, is special. As you can see from the photo, the device is completely destroyed, and I can...

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Hackulous iOS app community closes

Jailbreakers and users of cracked iOS apps have one less thing to be happy about this New Year's Eve. Hackulous, the cracked app community for iOS, shut down as of yesterday. Along with Hackulous, Apptrackr -- which was a web-based index of cracked apps -- and Installous -- an app that was us...

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Apple TV jailbreak yields first third-party app

Only a few days ago , Greenpois0n revealed that it had jailbroken the Apple TV. Yesterday, PwnageTool 4.1 joined the ranks, too. Now we have sights of what appears to be the first third-party app running on a jailbroken Apple TV. nitoTV, a small software development firm, has managed to get a si...

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iCombat's stats on app pirates

Miguel Sanchez-Grice, creator of the iCombat app (a remake of the old Atari game), sent us these stats on piracy of his app after writing a blog post about the same thing, and I find them fascinating. Instead of building DRM into his app, he just detected if the player was using a copy that wasn't...

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iTunes gift cards cracked

This seems like bad news for Apple, to say the least. A few Chinese websites are now selling $200 gift certficates to iTunes for less than a few bucks, which means that it's likely hackers have figured out the algorithm to determine gift codes on Apple's music store. As with most online codes, iTune...

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