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Obscure OS X Mountain Lion bug makes many apps crash

TUAW reader Don McC pointed us to this Next Web write-up about an obscure Mountain Lion crash. If you type File: followed by /// in many apps, they will crash. There are 8 characters in total and the F must be capitalized. I tested this and managed to crash a bunch of apps. Echofon, QuickTime...

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MacBook Pro crashes: Apple disables Turbo Boost under Windows?

Apple may have been aware for some time of the problem of new MacBook Pros crashing under heavy loads. According to the UK's PC Pro magazine, Apple appears to have deliberately turned off Turbo Boost for the top-end 13" model (with a dual-core 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7-2620M processor) when running W...

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2011 MacBook Pros reportedly crashing under heavy loads

Last week we reported that the new Intel Sandy Bridge-based early 2011 MacBook Pros are experiencing issues with iTunes Home Sharing. Now it appears that the top-of-the-line MacBooks are also having issues when users are trying to put the new processor to the test. When operated under heavy loa...

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16 month-old bug continues to crash Flash

Matthew Dempsky has discovered a bug which will crash the Flash player on every supported platform. That might not seem like a huge deal, except that he discovered this bug in September of 2008 and has reported it to Adobe, which hasn't fixed it yet. 16 months later. If you'd like to test it f...

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