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TUAW at Macworld/iWorld 2014: Creaceed Emulsio in action

So you've just finished shooting a bunch of video with your iPhone, iPad, or maybe even a GoPro camera. That video is sitting on your iPad, and there's only one problem with it -- it's shaking all over the place. Shaky video isn't a problem anymore if you have Creaceed Emulsio, a free (US$2.99 for s...

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TUAW and MacTech interview: Creaceed

Creaceed makes several Mac and iOS apps, like Prizmo and Kuboku. In this video, Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine) interviews Raphael Sebbe of Creaceed at WWDC 2012. Raphael was kind enough to tell us about his thoughts on the announcements on WWDC, and how it will affect Creaceed...

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Prizmo provides optical character recognition on the iPhone

Prizmo is a popular OCR (optical character recognition) app for the Mac that allows you to scan documents and things like business cards easily and quickly, avoiding the step of typing them in by hand. Now, Creaceed has announced that it's bringing the app to the iPhone, so you'll be able to make...

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