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Reward Summit tracks your credit card reward programs so you don't have to

Reward Summit is a new finance app that has one goal in mind -- help you save money by using the right credit card when you make a purchase. The app tracks your credit card reward programs and tells you which card will save you the most money when you buy that big-screen TV. Reward Summit only wo...

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'Chip and PIN' card reader for iOS selling in European Apple Stores

Merchants here in Europe will soon be able to walk into an Apple store and buy a Bluetooth "chip and PIN" reader that talks to the iPhone right off the shelf. Until now, merchants here didn't have a lot of immediate access to tech that allows them to take payments via their iPhones and iPads. Squa...

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The HEX Code Wallet case is nicely built, but a little too unwieldy

A few years ago, I decided to do my best to narrow down the number of things I carry around in my pockets every single day. Instead of one giant keychain with all of the keys I've ever owned on it, I cut down to two smaller keychains, one for my house and another for my car. And instead of a gi...

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Massachusetts Attorney General investigating iTunes scams

We get several emails every week from readers claiming to have been hit with fraudulent charges on their iTunes accounts. It seems as though scammers have found a neatly exploitable hole in iTunes accounts, but they may have bitten off more than they can chew with their latest victim. Massachusett...

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Square Card Case now available

Square has released their Square Card Case app today, which allows anyone to open up a tab at a local merchant and pay without having to swipe their credit card. The Square Card Case works by allowing users to enter their credit card details into their Square account. Once at a local merchant...

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iZettle credit card reader for iPhone now available in Sweden in limited numbers

Back in April, I told you about the upcoming iZettle. The iZettle is made by a Swedish company and allows European merchants to accept credit card payments on an iPhone just like Square does in the US. However, the iZettle accepts the chip-and-pin credit cards that are standard in Europe and othe...

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iZettle credit card reader offers social networking, smart card compatibility

A lot of our European readers are disappointed that the iPhone add-on Square credit card reader won't work in their neck of the woods. Square might not, but Europeans will soon be able to accept credit card payments on their iPhones anyway thanks to the iZettle credit card reader. The device its...

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Square encryption hinders Visa deal

Square is running into some problems with its new investment partner Visa. An executive at the mobile payments company confirmed it is re-working its system to encrypt credit card data on the fly. Square now uses a dongle that plugs into a headphone jack and an iOS application to process credit c...

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Square gets the backing of credit card giant Visa

Mobile payment startup Square confirmed it received a strategic investment from Visa. Square produces a credit card reader that connects to the headphone jack of an iPhone, iPad or other mobile platform. The Square application on the device accepts the credit card information from the reader an...

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Square's mobile payment card reader now available on Apple's online store, retail stores this week

Square is one of the coolest accessories made for the iPhone. It's a hardware/app combination that, when the hardware bit is plugged into the headphone jack on the iPhone, lets the user accept credit card payments. Simply swipe the card through the Square device while running the Square iOS app,...

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Organized ring charged with using fake credit cards at Apple Stores

Prosecutors in New York City have charged 27 people with organizing and running a ring of credit card fraud that was used to rip off Apple Stores around the United States. The thieves were able to buy over $1 million of Apple gear by obtaining stolen credit card numbers and manufacturing IDs and cr...

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Visa releases iPhone app with discounts, merchant directory

TechCrunch reports that payment processor Visa has released an iPhone app in the US* that gives shoppers access to some 50 merchants. Visa's new app comes with two services you can use, Offers and Locator. Offers: Receive merchant discounts and special offers directly on your iPhone. The offers are...

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Square card reader: Now anyone in the US can accept credit cards

Headline updated to acknowledge that Square is a US-only service for now. Remember the Square card reader and payment service from our first hands-on video in January at Macworld Expo 2010? Square makes it possible for anyone, whether an individual or small business, to take payments via credit ca...

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Square delays reader distribution, says it's examining transaction limits

Two weeks back at WWDC, Square told us that the company was "catching up with demand" of its little plastic credit card reader for the iPhone, and that it would "be there really soon." But it looks like things won't quite "be there" as soon as they thought. They've decided to delay the mass roll-...

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WWDC 2010: Square's first steps

Square has already made a big splash with its launch -- the company, founded by Jim McKelvey, Jack Dorsey (formerly of Twitter), and Tristan O'Tierney, has created a system for accepting credit card payments through the iPhone. After a lot of secrecy and hype, the app launched on the iPad a while b...

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