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Picture This is a crowdsourced scavenger hunt app for iPhone photographers

Picture This is a new iPhone app for social photographers that presents you with a different photography challenge each day. Though the daily scavenger hunt challenges are a blast, there is more to the app than the app itself. Picture This has a unique background. It was a crowdsourced effort that...

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Weather Underground iPhone app gets crowdsourced weather, iOS 7 style

Weather Underground, now part of the Weather Company that also encompasses the Weather Channel, has just delivered an update to its free iPhone app. Not only does the update provide compatibility with iOS 7 and a new look to boot, but it also adds something completely different -- crowdsourced wea...

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Apple retail employees encouraged to report Maps issues

With many thousands of staffers in the US alone, Apple's retail team has numbers on its side. It also has geographic diversity, with stores in 45 of the 50 states. Lots of people in lots of places who presumably carry lots of iOS devices -- just what you need if, perchance, you're looking to cl...

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Earth Day: Lower your carbon output (and blood pressure) with Roadify

In this year's NYC Big Apps 2.0 competition, there was a lot at stake for the developers behind the 57 app submissions. Not only were they up for cash prizes, but the recognition of their efforts to leverage the city's data mine for the public good was certain to boost their profile in Silicon All...

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