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Classic mini jukebox

Here's an awesome project from over at 123Macmini-- James Colby hollowed out a Classic Mac, and stuck a ripped apart mini in there along with a new LCD, took Finder out of the interface and sent it straight to Front Row, and bingo-- a Classic mini jukebox. And I especially like that the Classic was ...

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Another tough-as-nails Mac

Last week, Scott wrote about a poor Powerbook that had been badly damaged, but continued to work. Oddly enough, I found the iMac pictured at right on my workbench this morning when I arrived at my day job. It seems that a student abruptly introduced it to the floor, badly cracking the case around th...

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Is the eMac's successor on the horizon?

I like the eMac. We have several at my day job, and they're solid and reliable (and low cost, to boot). Alas, they drifted quietly out of existence. Have we heard the last of the low cost, all-in-one Mac? The folks at Mac OS Rumors think not. They suggest that a machine with a 19", 16:10 wide s...

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Rig of the Day: World's thinnest desktop

What do you do with your Powerbook when its display finally dies? Toss it? Just buy a new LCD for it? No. You connect it to that big old CRT you've got sitting around. The result is the world's thinnest desktop Mac. "2nd Life of a Powerbook" posted by qny. If you'd like to see your own r...

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