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TUAW's Daily App: PipeRush

PipeRush is a fun little title that we haven't yet seen the likes of (as far as I know) on the iPhone. I remember this kind of game as Pipe Dream, though you may know it by a number of different names. The idea is that you're given a queue of pieces, and then your job is to assemble them in such ...

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Wrap your iPhone 4 in Swarovski crystals

Now that Apple has all but confirmed that the iPhone 4 needs a case to work correctly, you might as well go as over-the-top as possible, right? Enter this Swarovski crystal case from Caze -- over 1500 Swarovski glass crystals covering every part of the iPhone's sides and back, encircling your hands...

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TUAW's Daily App: Pirate's Treasure

Chillingo has made a name for itself on the App Store with the popular Minigore series, and now they're returning (after a sidestep to Guerrilla Bob) to the dual-stick shooter with Pirate's Treasure, a swashbuckler-themed arcade shooter. The game's a lot of fun. Chillingo's polish shows, and aside ...

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