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The Collectables assaults iOS, mixes eye candy and cards

I've been looking forward to The Collectables for a while now. When I got my first look at the game several months ago the gorgeous visuals grabbed my attention immediately, and being able to micromanage a team of military renegades seemed like a perfect fit for the iPad. Now that the game is offi...

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Crytek showed off a new iOS title called The Collectibles at WWDC

Crytek is the company behind the Crysis series of games, as well as the CryEngine game engine that powers them, and it's released a game on iOS before. Now, it looks like the AAA developer is planning to make a return to Apple's touchscreen platform, with a new game called The Collectibles (or The...

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Daily iPad App: Fibble is Crytek's entry onto iOS

If you had told me, just a couple of years ago, that Epic and Crytek would both have iOS apps in the store, I'm not sure I would have believed you. The Unreal Engine is one of the most popular graphical engines for major high resolution games, but Crytek is also very popular for its graphical w...

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Chaos Rings hits top grossing, going to the iPad

Square Enix's new original iPhone title, Chaos Rings, is a qualified hit; it's currently sitting right on top of the United States' top grossing apps list and at number 18 on the top paid apps list. The reviews are terrific as well, which means that Square Enix has pulled off a hit iPhone game at...

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