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Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 out, adds publish to iPad option

Adobe has released its Creative Suite 5.5 software. The big news about Creative Suite 5.5 is, of course, the ability to create content for any number of tablet devices, including the iPad. In addition to the focus on tablets, CS5.5 also includes a host of HTML5 tools, which also lends itself to...

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Adobe Nav for iPad and Photoshop video demo

John Nack, Principal Product Manager at Adobe, posted a video demo of Adobe Nav for iPad on his blog Saturday morning. Adobe Nav is one of the first apps to showcase the new tablet integration features included with the software maker's upcoming Creative Suite version 5.5 (CS5.5). The video dem...

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Adobe Audition moves to Mac with CS5.5, Soundbooth EOL

It's one of those things where you blink and you almost miss it, but part of Adobe's CS5.5 announcement earlier today includes the news that Adobe is finally releasing its Audition software. Adobe Soundbooth, its Mac-only audio toolset, has reached end-of-life status, and development and sales wi...

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Adobe TV comes to iPad and iPhone

In the flurry of overnight news from Adobe around the pre-launch of CS5.5 and the iPad/Photoshop goodness to come, one official blog post slipped under the radar. While it's not necessarily pinned to CS5.5, it is fantastic news for anyone who uses Adobe's video training resources to learn the Cre...

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After Effects CS5.5 to add Warp Stabilizer, 3D effects and more

Adobe's been pretty focused on the mobile platform with its talk of tablet and smartphone publishing and integration of the iPad into the CS5.5 workflow, but that's not all: Adobe's visual effects package, After Effects, got some love, too. After Effects CS5.5 will bring quite a few new featu...

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Adobe adds three Photoshop-centric iPad apps to lineup

Adobe plans to demonstrate three iPad apps designed to work in conjunction with the forthcoming Adobe CS 5.5 update. Rather than representing a standalone implementation of Photoshop running on the iPad (as demoed earlier this month), these apps are more like enhancements to the existing toolsets...

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Adobe announces Creative Suite 5.5 with optional subscription-based pricing

Adobe has announced a mid-cycle update to its Creative Suite, dubbed Adobe CS 5.5. As CNET notes, Adobe CS 5.5 doesn't provide significant updates for Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks, but what has been updated in Adobe's Creative Suite seems particularly focused on smartphone platforms. Adobe ...

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