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Espresso 1.1 arrives with 11-day giveaway

MacRabbit's Espresso has been updated to version 1.1, and along with it, the company is offering a contest where you can win a copy of the web development software for yourself and a friend. Version 1.0 was released back in March. The contest takes on a nagging subject with a sense of humor. MacR...

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Take a shot of Espresso 1.0

We first started hearing about MacRabbit's Espresso back in September; six months, a public beta and countless cups of coffee later, Espresso 1.0 is finally ready for sipping! MacRabbit, makers of the award-winning CSSEdit, parlayed the idea of an HTMLEdit companion app into an all around web develo...

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Beta Beat: MacRabbit's Espresso released as public beta

Espresso, the highly-anticipated web design and development platform from MacRabbit (creators of CSSEdit), has been released as a public beta (originally predicted for late November). It's not finished (that's why it's called beta, silly), but it's far more complete than what we've seen thus far. Th...

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Espresso testers selected, beta coming late November

If you've been salivating for a shot of Espresso, the upcoming integrated web development environment for Mac OS X, you'll have to wait just a little bit longer. An email sent this morning by the developer, MacRabbit's Jan Van Boghout, confirmed the status of those accepted into the beta program, b...

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A quick shot of Espresso for web designers

Word is out ... there's a new contender for the do-it-all web design and development title belt. Espresso has been announced by the creators of CSSEdit, and it looks like major competition for a TUAW favorite, Coda. Espresso looks like it's going to be a solid editing platform, with an advanced XHTM...

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CSSEdit 2.5 brings tabs, X-ray Inspector and more

MacRabbit has released CSSEdit 2.5, a significant update to their fantastic CSS editing and manipulating application. As if CSSEdit 2.0 didn't bring enough cool features, v2.5 is almost like sneaking a peek at your v3.0 birthday presents that are stashed away in your parent's closet the day befor...

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CSSEdit 2.0

I'm not a designer, heck I'm hardly a writer, but I do know good software when I see it (and a cute company logo). CSSEdit is a good piece of software, and it has only gotten better with version 2, released today. But what is it, you ask? CSSEdit is the premier CSS editor (that's Cascading Style Sh...

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